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    1. Cichlid Discussion

      Cichlids Forum for African, American, Asian - large, medium or dwarf. All the cichlid discussion you need.

    2. Technical

      Post technical questions here to get answers regarding foods; hardware; lighting; filtration; heating; tank setup and design; diseases and treatments; chemicals & medications, pests & annoyances and DIY aquarium projects.

    3. Catfish Corner

      A dedicated catfish forum. Locariids, Synodontis etc. If you are into Plecos, Corys, Bristlenose and Peppermints or simply love your cats this is the place for you.

    4. Tankbuster Talk

      A tankbuster forum for the needs of those keeping really big fish. Whether they are South or Central Americans, African lakes or Rivers, Cichla or Crencichla. A place to discuss non-cichlid tankbusters such as arowanas, stingrays and giant gourami. Let not forget our own natives such as bass and barramundi.

    5. Community Tank

      A place to discuss all non-cichlid related fish species and associated setups including marine, livebearers, tetras, barbs, bettas & other labyrinth fish and underwater gardens.

    6. Photography Forum

      Share, comment, browse the photos. Discuss camera & fish photograpy issues.

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    1. Aquarium Related Classifieds

      Our famous buy and sell section. Wanting to buy or have items for sale?

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    2. Australian Fish/Cichlid Breeders Register

      This is a breeders register for Australian breeders of cichlid/fish species. The Australian Breeders register is able to be viewed by all members but is only available to members of the group “Cichlid” for posting. It is designed to be an up-to-date list of which species are being bred and by whom. If the species you are breeding changes you should update your listing. Please add your listing now!

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