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Synodontis multipunctatus (cuckoo catfish)


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@TJK1818 Hi and welcome to ACE forums

being as Malawis and Victorians in most cases is a less expensive fish than most Tangs

people use these mainly as the catfish doesn't care

All the breeders I know use young fish that have just started breeding as they seem to realise what the catfish are up to

Victorian Haplochromides will work as all the males want to do is spawn and they will start at an early age

Malawi Mbuna, Haplochromides and Aulonacara are also used 

Seeing as the catfish predate on the eggs and fry of the host any hybrid can be used as a cost effective incubator

Hope this helps and good luck

if you haven't read this it may be of assistance also


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