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  1. It is with great sorrow to announce that Gunther Schmida has passed away. An ANGFA life member and world renowned wildlife photographer, his superb images of native fish certainly changed the direction of many an aquarist. His pictures and interests weren't limited to native fish but also to Australian reptiles and amphibians plus anything creepy crawly. Gunther was one of Australia's formost authors and photograghers of native fish and wildlife plus a genuine and great person who will be sadly missed. He always had time for a cuppa and a chat on a wide r
  2. Unfortunately due to the Covid situation at the moment the planned meeting for Saturday 8/1/22 has been cancelled stay tuned for updates on their Facebook group at New South Wales Cichlid Society - Illawarra Branch
  3. thanks @Alex was looking at east coast with the way things are
  4. Hi @Alex with Covid there has been minimal imports due to the freight cost increase with lack of flights once we open up to more flights internationally things should get back to similar as before What are you looking for ?
  5. hi wondering if anyone is keeping Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus let me know if you are please
  6. @Rod54 Kribensis Yellow - EWU UGHELLI - Google Search try this link
  7. @Cichlid Hunterit is indeed a Geophagus brasiliensis not to hard to find normally
  8. @Skippy they are looking good mate the line of Rustys that Andrew gets are exceptional maybe we need to see who still has some of the once popular Mbuna you don't see much or at all Msobo, Daktari, Hajomaylandi, Membe deep, Aurora
  9. I have seen this in reptiles but not in bristlenose cats and still feel there needs to be one of each sex for this one
  10. the Purigen won't have a negative effect on your bacteria it will improve water quality by removing impurities
  11. Never heard of this with bristlenose before do you have any pics
  12. thats excellent that Jason has Vlogged it as now you can do it as a talk also 😁
  13. I can't diagnose what the problem is but it could be bacterial it has clamped fins, is pale, resting on the substrate and what looks like lesions on it's side
  14. @adamgatt don't forget to take pics and document it as I expect an article for the magazine 😁
  15. @Skippy Blue Planet Fluke/Tapeworm Tablets 25 (Praziquantel) In the old days we used Droncit dog wormer
  16. Welcome back @martyn been a while mate
  17. @Jack the Tar I have a 200 litre drum for water changes in the fish room it gets filled by a normal garden hose from the tap through a spray wand that lets me lock it on and change how the water streams out , sometimes it can be on too long 😲 🥺 the drum was food grade from a plastic drum recycler there is a large airstone that runs from the airline in the room think it's a LP60 pump that feeds into 12 tanks to pump it out i use a cheap power head that is an Eheim copy but choose whatever suits the budget the larger pumps use 19mm outlet so I
  18. @Tozman nice jump from a 4ft might need something a bit bigger with the sump if you go to a monster bin with rays
  19. @Jack the Tar how much water are you changing what are you using to pump the water into the tank if it is less than 200 litres look at getting a drum to fill and pump from with a power head
  20. @Aquaman2567 are you feeding a lot of spirolina ?
  21. Hide the cans 😄 Retraining with electrodes 🤔
  22. Hi All unfortunately we have had to cancel but the consequences of not cancelling and having a positive case is not worth it we will be postponing the July meeting details to August and postpone the the August AGM meeting until September at this stage updates will follow closer to the next meeting date stay safe, mask up, get tested and book your vaccinations people normal is achievable 👍
  23. @dravynso the tapwater needs to be conditioned up for Malawi you want it 7.5 - 8.5 pH I prefer about 8.0 pH as it is easier when staging in fish from lower parameters kh you want around 150 - 200 ppm (8-10 deg) gh the same between 150 - 200 ppm (8-10 deg) you need to test the tank water and compare readings see what your local stocks or buy online Aquapics is Aussie made in Melb good product and Scott is a great guy Seachem is good product US made Continuum is good also make sure you get a kh buffer first and bring the water up to 150ppm
  24. the coral rubble will act as a buffer but you need to get the parameters into the range first test the water and compare results then you will have a direction to take JBL are a better kit
  25. @dravyn seeing as you are setting up for Malawi you will need to adjust what you will need to know is the pH, kh and gh from your tapwater and what the tank is then you will know how much to adjust the water to correct your parameters normally hardness is low and pH is approx 7.2 in my area but may be different up there you want to try to get your pH to between 7.5 and 8.5 the stability of this is from your kh level as it is the carbonate harness that does this rather than the trace elements and minerals that make up your gh levels what test k
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