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  2. Hi I'm getting back into the hobby and resetting up my 4x2x2. Just waiting for my rock background to arrive so I can place it before starting the tank back up. I'm thinking black Calvus, I was leaning towards frontosa's again but unsure. What would you guys recommend to go with Calvus? Where's the best place to find breeders now days. The classifieds seem very quiet now days. I'm just south of Newcastle so lockdowns of everywhere south of me will limit picking up so may need to ship.
  3. Another one thats got it.. my young lombardoi...
  4. New life spectrum once a day. It has it in it. I did read that. I was going to switch them to the fluval bug bites and see if that makes a difference. I didn't see it on the label. What makes me think its a disease is Ive had 2 texas cichlids that came without a mark in a separate tank but using same nets, ect. 3 weeks later the mouth covered in black... small frontossas I added to the tank my 6fter 3 of them have it now.. the aquarium actually bread them and went back to check it out. must of been 60 left in the tank and none had it... I can see so many posts about the same problem but the fo
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  6. If you like the look of the substrate you already have then there is no need to change it. South America is pretty big so there are a wide variety of biotopes present including ones with gravel substrate. If you are going for a natural look, the hard scape and plants are probably more important than the substrate. The internet recommends over stocking African cichlids tanks to cut down on aggression which leads the internet to recommend "over filtering" and big water changes for African cichlid tanks. Your 600 lph filter turns over the 90 litres of water a little more than 6 times an h
  7. The NSW Cichlid Society committee is committed to following the advice of NSW Health and providing a safe environment for our members and guests. As a result, the committee has decided to cancel the upcoming Annual General Meeting and Mega Fish Raffle on 7 August 2021. The committee will post updates regarding future meetings, including the September meeting that was planned for Saturday 4 September 2021 closer to the date as the situation may change. Please check the NSWCS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nswcs) and website (http://nswcs.org
  8. Anyone selling ID Sharks around the Sydney area. I am interested in getting some. Thanks, Ian.
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking at changing my set up a little bit and want to get some South American fish in place of my remaining (and more aggressive) African cichlids. A couple of questions I have; Do I need to change the substrate? I currently have small browny-coloured pebble-like substrate. Is this similar to what is found in their natural habitats? Is there much of a change required in the way of filtration, water circulation, decorations and overall tank maintenance? I currently have an Aqua One AquaStyle 620 - 90L curved glass aquarium with a Nautilus 600 canister filter
  10. I completely and utterly understand your choice of signature L2H, they surround us constantly these day's haha. I plan on getting to 4 tanks by years end so this is brilliant, I didn't think far enough to sleeve down which obviously widens my options, thank you for that. Hope your all well in Sydney at this time, best wishes mate and cheer's again
  11. @Jack the Tar I have a 200 litre drum for water changes in the fish room it gets filled by a normal garden hose from the tap through a spray wand that lets me lock it on and change how the water streams out , sometimes it can be on too long 😲 🥺 the drum was food grade from a plastic drum recycler there is a large airstone that runs from the airline in the room think it's a LP60 pump that feeds into 12 tanks to pump it out i use a cheap power head that is an Eheim copy but choose whatever suits the budget the larger pumps use 19mm outlet so I
  12. Got a 300 ltr tank and on the cusp of purchasing bigger, I'm doing 30% water changes weekly, 50% if I think needed. Just doing buckets for now as I am new to this but looking at purchasing a 3000 lph aqua one submersible. Thanks for replying L2H, sure will have a look at your suggestion. "Highly evolved killing machine".... I love it, I'm a War Vet lol
  13. @Tozman nice jump from a 4ft might need something a bit bigger with the sump if you go to a monster bin with rays
  14. @Jack the Tar how much water are you changing what are you using to pump the water into the tank if it is less than 200 litres look at getting a drum to fill and pump from with a power head
  15. @Aquaman2567 are you feeding a lot of spirolina ?
  16. Glad to be of help! Let us know how you get on!
  17. Wow Drav thanks, your onto it. Will open the brain a bit more and look at all options, and will def go for quality, cheer's mate!
  18. I forgot to mention to make sure the tubing is food grade too!
  19. What I've done is put a t adaptor on my laundry tap, one going to the washing machine and one going to a garden style fitting. I've put a garden socket thingy on the end of my tubing and I can connect my hose to the tap and fill my bins straight from the tap. My tank is next to the laundry so it's convenient to do it that way for me. You can also get adaptors to fit onto the kitchen sink tap as well. But if your happy filling tubs in the bathroom that's fine too. There are many options, I'm sure you'll work out the most convenient for you as you go along.
  20. Good point mate, the you tuber mentioned the chemical residue, I should have mentioned he put's a large tub in the bath under the tap and sticks the pump in that. thanks for the heads up on the tubing, here's the link to the Vid. I like this guy, he's short sweet and easy to listen to.
  21. Do a search on eBay for clear pvc hose. Saw a 20m roll of 12mm id for $45. Is it safe to use the bath tub? Could there be residual chemicals? I just plan to use a couple of 60l bins and only 3 or 4m of tubing.
  22. Hi all, I'm a newbie to the hobby so obviously I'm you tubing like hell for diy idea's. One I came across is using a water pump from your bath tub to refill the tank. Much easier than a bucket. Problem is I need at least 20 mtrs of tubing to get from the tank to the bathroom and boy that stuff is expensive. Anyone use this method and what kind of hose do you use? Getting some great info from the forums, thanks all
  23. Hey Josh, it's not just my peacock. I've got about 5 or 6 different cichlids with black spots around their lips. And yeh it doesn't seam to be getting worse and their all acting normal. Trying to upload .ore photos
  24. Hi Yankee, thanks for the offer everything is up and running now so I'll just do it the slow way. It will be a good learning experience :)
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