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  2. Hopefully the web site will be back up next week.... trying to sort it out for the last few weeks Search facebook New South Wales Cichlid Society for the facebook page , it was updated on the weekend along with Petlink and Gumtree adds for March meeting
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  4. why has the web sit been down for so long now (2 months that i know of) and there is no f.b. page but illawarra has a f.b. page and it works what is going on (i hope i put in in the right spot if not can u move it to the right one)
  5. we have done an update and now there is a security certificate warning due to a change in the server platform we are working to have this rectified please be careful of information posted Link2Hell
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  7. i hope so i have 8 tanks now that need fish (all i have in them is water lol)
  8. Yes finally, with the current Covid status NSWCS have pencilled in 6th of March to return to meetings in Sydney There will be an AGM to elect a committee and then a mini auction ... remember the size guides for selling fish will apply Also the Major Auction date has been proposed till 1st May with the first release auction lots available March and the second release available April see Club section for details Fingers crossed people that we get there this time around 🤞🤞
  9. seems to be a lot of Soya . wheat , flour more wheat a lot of filler and not much else from what I read
  10. I don't know about bloat, but I personally wouldn't be feeding that to my fish. I try and avoid food that is mainly made up of 'meal' and extracts as I think they are mainly just fillers? I remember hearing at a meeting that usually the first 3 ingredients listed are the primary ingredients.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I am unsure if I will be chasing any up yet but the new house is a only a few months away and there is lots of spare room for tanks
  12. Gday mates, Just a quick one, I have purchased the following cichlid food recently and I would like some inputs with regards to the ingredients before feeding it to my fish in the pond. Fish in the pond are mainly Malawi Peacocks, Haps and Central Americans. Based on the ingredients attached, would this cause bloat to any of the fish? These are medium sized granules, like the ones found in Hikaris Thank you.
  13. Quick update mates, I have tried maracyn 2 and kanaplex, however I believe they arrived a bit late for the treatment to work, ended up loosing this beautiful fish. Thanks for all the help.
  14. nice to see you back Josh Toni Petrovski in Wollongong has excellent Cobue Zebroides (Afra) the other species are around some take a bit more searching than others
  15. Jason in Fairfield had flavus, cobue , polits last time I was there (over 12 months now) and possibly demasoni
  16. I've got a healthy colony of Saulosi that I sourced from Andrew at Labyrinth so I am confident they are pure.
  17. All of them as far as I am aware.
  18. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know if the following Mbuna are still available in OZ? Pseudotropheus flavus, Pseudotropheus Salousi, Pseudotropheus Demasoni, Pseudotropheus sp. "polit", cynotilapia afra cobue. Cheers Josh
  19. I know it may sound dumb but ……………. you do have the taps open
  20. @AndrewM Thanks - unfortunately mine are the 2700 UVC versions, which don't have the primer. Maybe I can figure out some other way of (partially) pressurising the canister instead...
  21. @MFF - Yes sure. Assuming you have disconnected the section that holds the hoses to the unit and you have unclipped everything. Also assuming the canister is on the floor outside of the cabinet. You push your thumb over the outlet hole (should be the one to the right if the inlet/outlet is on the opposite side of the canister to where you are standing) - basically you want to block the outlet, so I use my thumb as it is inside the plastic housing. Then push the primer down maybe 10 times or so - be careful because water will spray out if you don't block the outlet enough. When you prime i
  22. @AndrewM Pray tell! What is this trick that helps get the lid off the Nautilus 2700??? I had 3 of these, and after switching one of them to an FX4 I'm amazed at how much easier the maintenance is on the FX4.
  23. @expat701 - great to hear another person getting back into the hobby. I have outlined a few things below so you have a comparison based on what I went through, although you probably have already made your purchase: I went with the complete kit from AquaOne - https://aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/aquariums/brilliance-2/item/2924-54111bk Pros: Great quality glass, great size (6'), great lights and great cabinate/stand Price was fine (just less than $2K), although I did get a discount from the store I purchased it from in Melbourne Cons:
  24. well all u have to do is cut some up and put in a small tank with some fish (like fry some thing that if it dies u don't lose any thing much) then u know if it safe for your good fish
  25. Hi UCB I am pretty sure I saw Andrew using it in his tanks at Labyrinth aquarium to provide refuge to females in breeding tanks. I've never used it myself.
  26. Hi Everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well. I wanted to ask if shade cloth was safe to use cut up into strips for breeder tanks (female hide outs). I bought a roll (coloroo) which I am hesitant to open just yet. I figure if you can use this as shade for vegi gardens then surely nothing nasty should leach out ? I could be wrong Thank you, UCB
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