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  2. Adam they are just showing traits back to normal colour more than likely because in recent breeding line adults were normal over albino rather than one colour phase They used to be termed "sports" if memory serves me
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  4. I had some albinos with black marks on their fins, similar to what I see on the fin, years ago. I assumed they were bruising or injuries. I can't remember if the marks disapeared (healed?) or if I sold them with the marks. None of my current albinos have them.
  5. Glad you had a good day Rob There were some nice fish go through The Livingstoni just didn't look right when they came up so we passed them in The lot numbers were down a bit but the fish were a good range and some that I haven't seen go through before The sellers seemed happy with how it went and the buyers bid hard on some lots Hardest part is working around the Covid restriction on spacing these days
  6. It was a great day for both sellers and buyers. The auctioneers did a great job. I am happy with the fish I brought home; a new pair of apistogramma, some sandsifters and a group of caudopuncts. Hoping to breed and share them back through the club. Fingers crossed.
  7. well that was a good day /evening thanks to all the committee members , great work , everything seem to run very good and fast , we left there with lots of lots and empty wallets , got lots of new ciclids to breed , that we have never breed before . a very large salifin plecko , great deal on food , for us and the fish ! ha . wondered what happened to that lot of living stonii, that started but something was wrong , we like those fish , there were great deals and some high prices , we haven't been for almost 5years now so we were interested to see . lots of brissleno
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  9. Hopefully expensive ones. 😁 Not sure yet what colours I will put in.
  10. what kind of apistos looking for some of them
  11. Nice, Rob. Welcome back. Africans seem to be much more popular than south Americans lately, with a good selection of both Malawi and Tangs. Catfish have become pretty popular of late too. I plan on putting some tangs, apistos and bristlenose through. See you there!
  12. Hello guys long time no chat , we are coming to the auction , we have been way too busy to breed last few years , but we are motivated again , we have been still running some tanks just not the amount we have in the past , so we have only red empress left and way too many babies . we started up some tanks and are looking forward to seeing what you guys have got , any hints at what your bringing. cheers from rob and shannon
  13. Kusuri is safe with scaled fish but don't know about catfish never tried it with them you could also look at a group of Clown Loaches
  14. Will Kusuri Wormer be safe for young fry and also Peppermint Bristle nose?
  15. Hi Our April meeting will be held 3rd April 7.30 pm start see NSW Club section The Major Auction that was scheduled for April has been postponed to 1st May April will be the last chance to get auction lots for May Talk for the night will be by Kev Sorensen on packing fish and the finer details to preparing for a Major Auction this is for your benefit as a dead fish is worth nothing, learn what is required to get fish ready for the auction and also what to bring to get your fish home in the best condition The trade table will be in operation just see Ray
  16. many thanks for the info Winston this is a very good information for those wanting a fish room or to just make having a larger number of tanks more manageable hope all is going well for you mate
  17. Just saw them on the Allfish2u website. Ain't cheap... Looks like you are in Melbourne, I believe they ship. https://allfish2u.com/collections/live-fish/african-cichlid?page=3
  18. Hi Adam, yes planning a fish room can be exciting but it does help to know what you want. Hit me up if you want some suggestions as I know what aisle size, rack alignment, tank clearances, floor drain placement, electrical circuits, etc works best for me. (repeat - works best for me). However half the fun is working out these details for yourself I suspect. While the drip water change should be kept as simple as possible, incorporating specific options to cater for individual fish keeping requirements is still possible. A single 4 liter per hour drip will displace almost 100 Litres every
  19. Hi Winston, I appreciate you going out of your way to explain in such detail. I feel it’s helped immensely and the information on running the drip along the ground instead of up high I wouldn’t have even though about. I’ll send you a PM with my details, thanks again.
  20. Hi Winston Very interesting and detailed post. I am working on setting up a new fishroom and am also looking at automated water change options. Thanks for sharing the information!!!
  21. I'm in QLD not in Sydney but have been using drip water change for the last 30 years in 3 of my fish rooms (many many tanks, big & small). I've played with several versions and tweaked until I was satisfied but there are variations and you may have different priorities. I use low pressure drip of mains water 24 hours every day through a standard 10 inch cartridge filter 5 micron ceramic then another 10 inch cartridge of carbon to remove chlorine & chloramine. The new incoming water displaces old aquarium water via an overflow drain in sump. * Changing to low pressure allowed
  22. I just switched from Dainichi Color Supreme for my hap/peacock tank to a 50/50 mix of NLS TheraA+ and Orca sinking pellets and I'm noticing a lot more poop! Longer and more solid poops! Anyone else have this experience?
  23. Does anyone have any experience with drip water change systems, wanting to hookup 21 tanks to this type of system. Have watched a tonne of vids on YouTube and still not sure which way I should do it. If anyone is in Sydney that could help out and get things moving I’m willing to pay for your time and expertise. Would rather someone who knows about this fishy stuff than asking a plumber about it. Daniel
  24. Hi gang Has anyone seen an albino bristlenose before with black markings on it? I noticed one in my tank today with black on one of the fins and under belly. Interested to hear how this could happen genetically?
  25. Can you imagine how horrible that must have tasted to them? Avoid in future, please.
  26. Everyone seems to have sold out, and this has been the case for at least a year. I might have to buy some from the Uk
  27. I was looking at the juli Ornatus but there seems to be a breeder or two with fry so hopefully can obtain a few once ready.
  28. just did a Google search for Sterazin and this came up https://www.google.com/search?ei=1CRIYN2LA4CZ4-EPxPStyA0&q=waterlife+sterazin+australia&oq=waterlife+sterazin+australia&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBQgAEM0COgcIABBHELADUIVpWLCCAWCLiAFoAXACeACAAYkDiAGDDZIBBzAuNy4xLjGYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6yAEDwAEB&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwjdxdKfzaTvAhWAzDgGHUR6C9kQ4dUDCA0&uact=5#spf=1615340773616 you can try bringing it in from overseas but it depends on what the product is as I remember something about some of their products not having the approval updated
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