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  2. Yeah I was planning on setting the tank up similair to that. Thanks for your help!
  3. Great choice by the way. Those are the 2 first species of cichlid I kept and don't plan on getting rid of.
  4. Nice. I don't think you will have a problem then. Put a small rock pile on one end for the brichardi, and a shell bed on the other side with open space in between and I reckon they will be fine. If the brichardi are older / much larger than the multis I'd probably release them first and let them get comfortable on the shell bed before putting the brichardi in.
  5. @adamgatt Footprint is 122cm by 36cm and its 45cm high.
  6. What's the dimensions/footprint of the tank?
  7. Hi everyone, pretty straight forward question here. I've done some research and am planning on putting together a tank with a pair of brichardi and a pair of multies, tank is around 50 gallons or 180 litres. Just wondering if anyone else here has done similair and has any advice?
  8. Thx guys, back in Sydney yeeeehhaaaaa
  9. Hi guys new to this I have an aquapet tank 780 litre with a inbuilt back sump 600x600x200 and it is 3 sections in the sump I’ve stuffed jap mat in the first chamber with floss on top the second chamber has noodles and media balls the last chamber has Petworx power head 2300 litres per hour for the life of me every 2 weeks this sump crashes to some extend don’t know why for the life of me help needed
  10. I fell deep down into this rabbit hole of saltwater aquarium geeks & water chemistry. They seem to show PRIME doesn't remove ammonia in analytical tests and practical tests. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/does-prime-actually-detoxify-free-ammonia-nh3.849985/
  11. Only 5 years later.... I use 19mm polypipe for air circuits but have multiple open loops (no dead ends) just above each fish tank so the airline lengths can be all same length. More efficient and neater than a single main circuit at ceiling height that droops lots of confusing airlines. I also have two large airpumps per air circuit. WHEN one pump fails, the other pump still supplies air to tanks at a noticeably lower volume until you can repair or replace the faulty one. This method of redundancy removes the need for two (or three) air stones/filters per tank to save equipment costs
  12. with the LP-100's I use 50mm DWV PVC pipes as the manifold , as the rubber adaptor that comes with them nicely slips over female 50mm fittings , I also use 50mm 1 way valves from spars with the springs removed for pairing up multiple units to the manifold
  13. I have to try to catch a shot of my dominant male Rusty his colours are pretty good when he is switched on
  14. According to this article, PRIME & SAFE converts to Sodium Thiosulphate and also explains that sulphurous smell. https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/5-5-3-1-ammonia-detoxifying/ I've heard similar things but never tested myself even though that would be easy. Sodium Thiosulphate can be bought at most swim pool supply /shops including Bunnings. I bought a 20Kg bag of ST crystal that worked out to be less than $5 per kilogram. One of my tanks is 100,000L which would need 300gm (at 4ppm chlorine/chloramine).
  15. @Skippy they are looking good mate the line of Rustys that Andrew gets are exceptional maybe we need to see who still has some of the once popular Mbuna you don't see much or at all Msobo, Daktari, Hajomaylandi, Membe deep, Aurora
  16. I have seen this in reptiles but not in bristlenose cats and still feel there needs to be one of each sex for this one
  17. the Purigen won't have a negative effect on your bacteria it will improve water quality by removing impurities
  18. Josh


    Two of my favourite ever Species. The Rusty's are stunning!
  19. Hi, I am just wondering of I place Seachem Purigen in my pre filter canister before it goes into my main canister filter. Will the Purigen starve the beneficial bacteria housed in my main filter?
  20. I picked up some pure Saulosi from Andrew @ Labyrinth Aquarium a while ago and have a decent colony doing well in my 5 x 2 x 2 along with some F1 and F2 Rusties One of the girls Sub-dominant male Rustie
  21. I really don't know how to write this to come across as politely as I can so I'll just pull the band-aid straight off........this is physically impossible! Going back to my uni days a long time ago I did a presentation on parthenogenesis in animals. What you'd be talking about is Hermaphroditism. This is where an individual species have both male and female reproductive organs or can alternate between having one at first and then the other. This is common for invertebrates but extremely rare for vertebrates. The "catfish" family makes up 1 out of every 20 vertebrate spec
  22. Thanks, it very didn't make it through the night in a isolation tank. No other fish is ill so hopefully it didn't spread.
  23. Never heard of this with bristlenose before do you have any pics
  24. thats excellent that Jason has Vlogged it as now you can do it as a talk also 😁
  25. I can't diagnose what the problem is but it could be bacterial it has clamped fins, is pale, resting on the substrate and what looks like lesions on it's side
  26. My solo bn has managed to create some company for itself 😲 Lots n lots! So far 2 generations. Self-fertilisation 🤔 Has anyone else experienced this?
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