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  2. Hello fishdance do you know where abouts the iridescent breeders are now and if you do can you please let me know?
  3. It is with great sorrow to announce that Gunther Schmida has passed away. An ANGFA life member and world renowned wildlife photographer, his superb images of native fish certainly changed the direction of many an aquarist. His pictures and interests weren't limited to native fish but also to Australian reptiles and amphibians plus anything creepy crawly. Gunther was one of Australia's formost authors and photograghers of native fish and wildlife plus a genuine and great person who will be sadly missed. He always had time for a cuppa and a chat on a wide r
  4. Unfortunately due to the Covid situation at the moment the planned meeting for Saturday 8/1/22 has been cancelled stay tuned for updates on their Facebook group at New South Wales Cichlid Society - Illawarra Branch
  5. The NSWCS Committee has regretfully decided to cancel all upcoming Sydney meetings until further notice. The NSW Cichlid Society committee is committed to following the advice of NSW Health and providing a safe environment for our members and guests. As a result, due to the current situation in Sydney, the committee has regretfully decided to cancel Sydney meetings until further notice. The committee will send communications if the situation changes. The committee will post any updates to the NSWCS website, NSWCS Facebook page, and send communications to email ne
  6. My favourite of my daughters new fish.
  7. The alternative to the above was a big Malawi Hap tank - Champsochromis, Fossochromis, NImbochromis etc. See if i can grow out some fish to their full potential, either is a good option really. The only thing that bothers me with the tangs is the wasting disease in the lepto's.
  8. Alex

    New home

    Nice looking fish. I am not a huge fan of the black sand though.
  9. Good Afternoon, Thanks, yes I have spoken with a store in Perth (the one actually building my tank) and they are looking at potentially doing German shipments again next year once their is some sort of 'normal'. Apparently a fella in Melb' also gearing up for regular imports next year also? (mate of a mate). Tank is 360x100x75 (2,700L) + 900L sump with an Aqua Decor background (back and sides + bottom rocks) - gone all out for this display. Should be pull of water at my house late Feb 2022. I want the star of the show to be a very large school of Leptosoma (always been someth
  10. thanks @Alex was looking at east coast with the way things are
  11. Hi @Alex with Covid there has been minimal imports due to the freight cost increase with lack of flights once we open up to more flights internationally things should get back to similar as before What are you looking for ?
  12. G'day After not keeping African cichlids for many many years, I am about to get back to where it all started for me. Is anyone in Aus still importing cichlids with any sort of regularity still (Tanganyikans)? Thanks, Alex
  13. G'day Link if you are hard pressed to find any, City Barn in Perth have some. Ask to speak with Zach there. Thanks, Alex
  14. hi wondering if anyone is keeping Hemitilapia oxyrhynchus let me know if you are please
  15. @Rod54 Kribensis Yellow - EWU UGHELLI - Google Search try this link
  16. @Cichlid Hunterit is indeed a Geophagus brasiliensis not to hard to find normally
  17. Hey Mate, i know someone whose breeding them. Please reach out if you're looking for some. Cheers Peter
  18. Thanks, googled and it does look like that.
  19. Geos aren't my strong point but to me it looks like Geophagus brasiliensis
  20. Recently acquired. Wouldn't mind finding female. Need to know what fish it is. Please help ID
  21. 3 months ago i found a small fry in my cichlid tank. which has a mix of cichlids. the only pairs i had in the tank was two ps elongatus mpanga . and two mylandia zebra cichlids. i noticed that the zebra had fry in its mouth. i ended up extracting them all and putting them in in a small 1 and a half foot tank. iv been growing them for awhile and they are getting bigger and showing colour. it only just crossed my mind that the juviniles might be a hybrid when i noticed that they appear very blue but have the yellow fins like its mother. what are the chances they are hybrids. and does it mean th
  22. Hi there, I was wondering something very similar. I've currently got a 130L shell dweller tank cycling, I have fine sand substrate, some holey rock at one end and the rest will be shells. I want to get a little colony of Multis going, but wondered whether I could keep either a couple of Juli or brichardi in the rocks, or some paracyprichromis up top. Would these prevent the Multis from breeding?
  23. Yeah I was planning on setting the tank up similair to that. Thanks for your help!
  24. Great choice by the way. Those are the 2 first species of cichlid I kept and don't plan on getting rid of.
  25. Nice. I don't think you will have a problem then. Put a small rock pile on one end for the brichardi, and a shell bed on the other side with open space in between and I reckon they will be fine. If the brichardi are older / much larger than the multis I'd probably release them first and let them get comfortable on the shell bed before putting the brichardi in.
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