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  1. It happens. People come and go. Then someone posts a thread like this. Then it goes back to 'normal'. It's pretty usual for forums to have lulls.
  2. That's a nice list, that.
  3. It's a piece of cake mate, just enjoy it and let the good times roll. hahaha
  4. Nice one. We are a few weeks behind you with number 2
  5. Fine - I'll be the first to say it then... Boooo!
  6. I'd be running 3 and 4 large sponges on those tanks. The advantage of the extra is having cycled sponge filters that u can immediately transfer to fry tanks etc as required.
  7. Melafix is good stuff too. I just always recommend salt because generally people won't have to go out to get it, or can get it for a couple of bucks late at night from Coles, etc. But, regardless of the buffering products, adding the salt (just regular non-iodised table salt is best) will aid healing.
  8. If it was me I'd just do a big water change with a good dose of salt. They're pretty resilient with minor injury. Chasing/moving him around is probably more stress than he'll deal with over the eye.
  9. Proportioning of a fish can look very skewed when looking through aquarium bags (curved, wet, etc) So it would be pretty tough to pick up on inspection - but if you had the lot number they might be able to look in to it for you. He might be slightly stunted or have a bit of a spinal problem, but he looks healthy enough, and I'm sure will look great in your display. And 99% of people viewing it won't have a damn clue that his body might be a bit short.
  10. Is that the hood you are set to use? I got talked out of changing my lighting because of the 'low' hood I have on my 6x2. At the time I was told all the alternatives would require me to modify the hood to hold stuff higher off the glass, as well as put something in there for heat dissipation. As it's in the lounge - I didn't want to stuff around with electronics poking out the top of the hood. Basically I ended up just cleaning up and continuing to use a basic aquarium fluro reflector.
  11. It might take them a couple of tries to work it out - but worth sticking with it. (They aren't step breeders so you will have to move the fry when the parents want to spawn again.) If the parents do the work for you you should get good numbers of the fish up to about the 1cm mark with very little effort on your part (good food and clean water) Then take out what you want to grow out til 'sellable' size to a grow out tank. It's often a good to leave just a few in the parent tank so the parents maintain the bond - even though they might knock them off one day when they spawn. If afte
  12. Well, I wasn't suggesting you mix the 2 acei types, but get the black one instead. The 2 variants are pretty likely to crossbreed. It would be way easier to find a powder blue alternative to the msuli, than another black mbuna on the less aggressive side IMO.
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