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  1. Josh


    Two of my favourite ever Species. The Rusty's are stunning!
  2. This used to turn up a bit on peacocks when I was breeding them years ago. No-one really ever knew what it was. It never affected the fish except for their appearance.
  3. There was a time years ago that the big auctions would run until the early hours of the morning. I can remember bagging fish at 6am before traveling to Sydney, all day and evening at Auction and then get back home at 2am to float fish in the tanks. The fish will be fine.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I am unsure if I will be chasing any up yet but the new house is a only a few months away and there is lots of spare room for tanks
  5. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know if the following Mbuna are still available in OZ? Pseudotropheus flavus, Pseudotropheus Salousi, Pseudotropheus Demasoni, Pseudotropheus sp. "polit", cynotilapia afra cobue. Cheers Josh
  6. I was just looking at his page and read something amusing. He says he has 30 fry from fish sourced in OZ...... Marbled Vieja fenestrata........Did he fly home with them in his luggage?
  7. There are some really good points in that post Chuck. I Moderate here but my hands are tied to the amount of access I have. Basically I can remove posts and lock them if shit hits the fan. Ged logs in maybe once a year and that usually coincides with the forum shutting down because someone hasn't paid the bill. I have been here since the day it change from the Sydney Cichlid page and tried to evolve into a national forum. I have seen it then trying to evolve from a Cichlid specific forum to a general aquarium forum and I don't think it has ever really found its place. All of the super
  8. From memory 10mm thick up to 30inch high was safe. Its been awhile since I have had a tank built
  9. Ballpark for all of them, in my opinion would be $100-$150. The Msobo, if they are pure, would be the the pick of them and would probably bring the best money. The others would be harder to sell and you may them herd to even give away. Good luck. Josh
  10. The fake/real rock looks the goods. I did a bit of a search for it and seems to get good reviews. I also seen its about half the price of the real thing. Are you going to use it as a base then add live rock or just use this rock as is?
  11. It will send it further underground. I noticed the article mentions animals sold at "markets". I wonder if The NSWCS has had a read of the current rules to see if what they do is legal.
  12. Josh


    You need to work out how much room you need to get your arm all the way to the bottom of the tank if needed. I would start at around 250mm and see how that fits.
  13. I had Polits years ago and they are great little fish. Males can be super hard on their girls. There was a large problem years ago when some suspect cross breeds were floating around. I think someone mixed some Rusties into them from memory. They also lost some of their charm when the Membe Deep turned up as the females were more colorful in the Membe's. I haven't seen either fish for a long time now
  14. You must know what you paid for them. I am not a catfish person, but they look like Albinos feed on pumpkin
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