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  1. Universal rock http://www.universalhabitats.com.au/cgi-bi...=abc&page=1 Andrea
  2. Hi Jamie...when I had a house move and other stuff going on, I moved them on to a so called "experienced" Tropheus person. It was a handshake deal with the promise of fry blah blah. People aren't always who you believe them to be Unfortunately said person lost the lot (plus others).. If you are able to ship I would definately be up for more Andrea
  3. I have 60,00L of green water....no help to you (I am in Perth), but if you know someone who has let their swimming pool go, maybe that'd work for you. Andrea
  4. No the salvini can take of itself! I thought I caught a quick glance of a dwarf? Andrea
  5. Looks great! One small idea though, I would look at putting some rock cover in there for the smaller americans. I think they may disappear as the centrals grow! Andrea
  6. Hi Jamie....I cried when I saw your moops up so cheap! Would sooooo loved to have grabbed some! Andrea
  7. Thanks everyone Yes...that is Nelson...the one-eyed monster Andrea
  8. Hi...I have used Ps. elongatus, C. moorii, electric yellows and acei....all with success. Andrea
  9. It's a 6' x 2' x 18"...but the fronties are only temporary tennants. Once the tanks are sorted in the fish room, they will be housed separately and this tank returned to a tang display. Andrea
  10. Hi all....slowly getting set up again. Here are a couple of tanks that are up and running. Andrea
  11. Moving the parents may break the bond between them. Craig's advice is worth considering. Andrea
  12. It is more difficult for oxygen to dissolve in warmer water, so add as many airstones as you can and it will help. Also, tangs seem to be more susceptible to death in warmer tanks that other cichlids. Andrea
  13. Thanks Ash...easing back into it Andrea
  14. This may help you... http://www.sydneycichlid.com/content/?page_id=13 Andrea
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