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  1. It was a great day for both sellers and buyers. The auctioneers did a great job. I am happy with the fish I brought home; a new pair of apistogramma, some sandsifters and a group of caudopuncts. Hoping to breed and share them back through the club. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hopefully expensive ones. 😁 Not sure yet what colours I will put in.
  3. Nice, Rob. Welcome back. Africans seem to be much more popular than south Americans lately, with a good selection of both Malawi and Tangs. Catfish have become pretty popular of late too. I plan on putting some tangs, apistos and bristlenose through. See you there!
  4. Just saw them on the Allfish2u website. Ain't cheap... Looks like you are in Melbourne, I believe they ship. https://allfish2u.com/collections/live-fish/african-cichlid?page=3
  5. Hi Winston Very interesting and detailed post. I am working on setting up a new fishroom and am also looking at automated water change options. Thanks for sharing the information!!!
  6. Hi gang Has anyone seen an albino bristlenose before with black markings on it? I noticed one in my tank today with black on one of the fins and under belly. Interested to hear how this could happen genetically?
  7. I have 4 3 foot 'Aquarium Eco' branded eBay lights and my cousin has 8 of them. No issues for either of us so far after a few years. Can't go past the price. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/30-200cm-Full-Spectrum-Aquarium-LED-Light-Aqua-Plant-Fish-Tank-Lamp-Lighting-Bar-/233865080486?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 You can see what they look like in our fish rooms on my cousins YouTube channel by checking out the fish room tour videos, and also on this video specifically about the lights. I am building an expansion to my fish room and I plan to use these cheaper lights fo
  8. I don't know about bloat, but I personally wouldn't be feeding that to my fish. I try and avoid food that is mainly made up of 'meal' and extracts as I think they are mainly just fillers? I remember hearing at a meeting that usually the first 3 ingredients listed are the primary ingredients.
  9. Hi UCB I am pretty sure I saw Andrew using it in his tanks at Labyrinth aquarium to provide refuge to females in breeding tanks. I've never used it myself.
  10. I'm shocked at that price too... Quick look at gumtree shows a few bargains around in Sydney... Here's a 5 footer that was built by abyss. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/macquarie-fields/fish/cichlid-fish-tank/1265496298 Neat 3 foot with stand and sump. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lugarno/fish/cade-marine-saltwater-aquarium-fish-tank-with-sump/1264467613 If you keep an eye out on gumtree you might get lucky and get yourself a nice set up for free.
  11. Nah mate. I sold my Mustax breeding pair and the last batch of fry last week. I had some Walteri in my grow out that have matured now and started to pair up so I moved them into it. With the move to the smaller fish room I have to use my tank space a bit wiser. I was close to listing my sexfasciatus gold pair for sale as I contemplated using the 4 footer I have earmarked for them in the new fishroom for something else. They are sitting on a spawn now though so holding onto them for a while longer and will now move them into the 4 footer soon.
  12. Wow, very nice mix you have there. I was tang exclusive 12 or so months ago but I have moved some fish on and changed it up a bit. Here's my current list: Yellow cherry shrimp Red cherry shrimp Endlers Mixed guppies Chilli Rasbora Pacific blue eyes Desert Goby Corydoras Sterbai Apistogramma Cacatuoides Triple Red Apistogramm Cacatuoides Orange Flash Apistogramma Trifasciata Apistogramma Vijieta Red Neck Neolamprologus Multifasciatus Neolamprologus Walteri Neolamprologus Pulcher sp. Daffodil Neolampr
  13. Thought you might have! They were my uncles. He won a trio at the club raffle a couple of years back and bred heaps. He moved some of the colony on to Andrew a few months back. Another reason to join the club when we are up and running again, best chance of getting your hands on the rarer species!!!
  14. Did you get those Chipimbi from Andrew within the last few months by any chance?
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