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how did the meeting go last night

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well i had a lot of health stuff going on 

it looks like i will not get down there to the June meeting  if that

but always looking for apistos 

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On 4/7/2024 at 8:30 AM, yanke said:


how did the meeting go i was going but didn't get to go


The talk from the last meeting has been posted on youtube.  Not as good as being there but still worth a watch


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these might interest you as t Allfish2u



Hi everyone we have had another 2 shipments of apistogramma in this week one is some locally bred awesome looking chunky pairs and also afew wild caught species here is a quick little list of these seldomly seen gems from the Amazon 

Apistogramma borelli yellow blue pairs 

Apistogramma Cacatuoides super red pairs and males 

Apistogramma panduro pairs and singles 

Apistogramma abacaxis pairs and singles 

Apistogramma macmasteri pairs or males 

Apistogramma hoignei pairs 

Apistogramma velifera (my favourite of the new species we have to offer) pairs*

Apistogramma Trifasciata pairs or singles 

We also have a few other species that have been kicking around for a little abit now and a few left from our previous shipment of wild caughts 

Wild caughts-
Apistogramma agassizi tefe red back female 
Apistogramma agassizi tefe pearl male 
Apisrogramma bitaeniata tefe pairs 

Captive bred-
Apistogramma agassizi fire gold female 
Apistogramma cacatoides orange flash pairs and singles 
Apistogramma ortagai
Apistogramma neon blue head male

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