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  1. why has the web sit been down for so long now (2 months that i know of) and there is no f.b. page but illawarra has a f.b. page and it works what is going on (i hope i put in in the right spot if not can u move it to the right one)
  2. i hope so i have 8 tanks now that need fish (all i have in them is water lol)
  3. well all u have to do is cut some up and put in a small tank with some fish (like fry some thing that if it dies u don't lose any thing much) then u know if it safe for your good fish
  4. boy i would love to go to it but the drive is a killer from new castle not so much down it on the way back that is
  5. i think they are so inbred that its making them so weak all i know is i am done with them i love them but done unless i can get them to last maybe we need some wild ones here o i did the almonds leaves and the wood also i had peatmoss in there too
  6. hi what is it with rams i can not keep them alive for more then 3 weeks i have had them alone and with other fish i have been keeping fish for over 40 yrs now have breed all kinds of fish from Africans to Americans all kinds and i have had Apistogramma Agassizi that i have breed and keep for yrs. but can not keep rams at all i try blue gold and the Bolivian also same thing after 3 weeks gone with other fish in the same tank being all ok tested the water and all is good tryed with ph. in the 6.4 to 7.0 and try higher ph. all so no luck a
  7. nope i at home wanted to go but to far now not to get in
  8. i would love to go also but driving down from new castle and then can't get in and with fish to sell now that would suck big time 4 to 4.5 hrs. of driving time 1 way
  9. yup i have 10 of them from 2.5cm to about 6cm and it looks like some of the bigger ones are starting to pair off there 2 that are taken over 1/2 a 4x18x20
  10. O i forgot i also have some Neolamprologus buescheri (Kamakonde) Zaire Gold Julidochromis ornatus Neolamprologus pulcher (Daffodil)
  11. if u like to take a drive up to new castle i have some breeding colonies of callochroms melanolisma 7fish looks like 2 males 5 females they breeded about 4-5 times so far have not got any fry yet and i have some ophthal motilapia ventralis (chaitika) 5 fish 2 males and 1 female that had 2 mouthfulls i got 6 fry out of her and the other 2 look like females
  12. yanke


    hi i found some rams want to know if they are a hybrid or not all i found on them said they was a line breed of rams they are Ramirezi gold head electric blue rams looked them up nice looking fish and can i sell them at the meeting thanks
  13. i had them setup 4 weeks before hand i cut back when i was sick all i had to do was full them and put heaters in the ones that needed them set up 2x 4x18x20 1x 3x18x18 2x 2x2x1 and 5 x 2x18x18 wifes not to happy back up to 30 tanks again lol but they did have some nice fish there i made out good 6 lots and 4 of them was in the first 15 picks
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