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  1. hi has any one had any dealing with them(they are in (Kogarah) please let me know i am thinking for getting so discus from them and like to know if they are ok or a fly by night thing when u are going to drop $300-$600 u like to know about things thanks yanke
  2. if u want to get a jump start on your tank bring some filters or to my place and i can run them for u in my tank that been running for about 2 yrs now let me know if u want to or not
  3. its not a bad ride there and back going down its about 3hrs. and coming back its about 2hrs. i do it one time a month lol the best is the big auction that go's all day and in to the night its like 400-500 lots of little friends to go home with u lol all and all it a good time so hope to see u there
  4. have u been there before u have to get there early to get a car park spot i leave Cardiff about 3:30 to 4:00 get there about 6:30 or so
  5. i had them all in my tanks i have 4 x4fts and a 4ft sump had them in that there was 1000s the only way i found to kill them all was to take out all the fish (did not have plants in there) take a 2L. thing of bleach and pour 1 in to each tank wait 3 day u can run the sump a little to get it down in it then drain full it drain full it keep doing it to u can not smell the bleach any more then take a tester fish put it in if it lives for 24hr than all is good to start over if not then back to draining and fulling for 2 or 3 day and start with the tester fis
  6. i leave them in there bags check them before it is over that way if there is some thing up u can fix it there but i have had fish in there bags for 24 hrs or more at times
  7. yes it is http://nswcs.org.au/ try this
  8. what kind of apistos looking for some of them
  9. why has the web sit been down for so long now (2 months that i know of) and there is no f.b. page but illawarra has a f.b. page and it works what is going on (i hope i put in in the right spot if not can u move it to the right one)
  10. i hope so i have 8 tanks now that need fish (all i have in them is water lol)
  11. well all u have to do is cut some up and put in a small tank with some fish (like fry some thing that if it dies u don't lose any thing much) then u know if it safe for your good fish
  12. boy i would love to go to it but the drive is a killer from new castle not so much down it on the way back that is
  13. i think they are so inbred that its making them so weak all i know is i am done with them i love them but done unless i can get them to last maybe we need some wild ones here o i did the almonds leaves and the wood also i had peatmoss in there too
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