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  1. It will work, but also places a lot of extra load on the motor which is running. So as a short-term fix it would be fine but you probably wouldn't want to do it long-term.
  2. It wasn't mess that I was commenting on, it was the matter of a glass tank full of water balanced on a bunch of different sized bricks and blocks (well that's how it appears in the photo). Seems like a recipe for disaster so I'm glad you are fixing it. Remember, glass is sharp when broken. If that tank breaks or falls for some reason it could probably take a foot off It sounds like you're on your way with the rest of it, don't forget to take lots of photos along the way so we can see the transformation
  3. I'm not sure whether my reaction is or . Either way, your idea of replacing this is the best idea I have heard all week As for your pump, I used an LP40 in my fishroom when it was up and running. It ran about 15 air stones in 45omm deep water and there was still some excess air to bleed off. Going for a bigger pump will give you more air in reserve if you think you might need more one day for extra tanks or just some extra aeration in hot weather. Any excess is normally bled off via an extra tap or 2, and it was recommended to me that I should always have some excess air being bled off
  4. BaZ


    Building another roof (like a carport of sorts) above your shed will cut out a lot of heat.
  5. BaZ


    Me either. I just found it amusing that you saw the need to justify your decision in that way. My bushfire comparison sat comfortably with me because I am surrounded by bush and I was looking for a relevent 'environmental damage' example to use. Remember, some people consider lighting bushfires (even the occasional small one) to be irresponsible while others seem able to justify it. It's not like I'm planning on lighting big ones on a regular basis, or killing a whale or anything..... Anyway, the reason people haven't volunteered good spots to take shells is possibly because they view it to
  6. BaZ


    I'm thinking that in Summer I'll take up a new hobby, lighting bushfires. It will get me out of the house and give me a chance to walk in the bush and my gf would come along too (just don't tell my wife, she'd kill me ) On a more serious note, creating environmental damage isn't the only way to get onto a beach. I'm sure if you looked long and hard you would find a loophole which allowed you to buy the farmed shells and still go for a walk on the beach. If you're not concerned about the environmental damage, that's your choice. But please stop trying to justify it here with the whole walk
  7. Nice setup! Guys, a lot of reefers who run MH lights prefer open tanks such as this, because MH lights have been known to crack centre braces due to their high output of heat. Glass won't last forever if it's always heating up during the day and then cooling down at nights.
  8. BaZ

    sump and matrix

    Yep there's no point re-inventing the wheel until you've tried the exisiting wheel for yourself first.
  9. BaZ

    Sump Filtration

    I find the over/under style of sump (also called a matrix sump I think?) to be a much more quiet option to the more traditional bioball trickle style of setup. The water calmly makes its way through a number of chambers rather than cascading down through the bioballs and into the water below. The over/under sumps are much easier to maintain too in my opinion
  10. I'm inclined to agree with Josh. In my opinion it's always best to have the ends of the tanks resting on the strongest part of the stand (uprights). You mention that you haven't purchased the top tanks yet. It might be worth considering some different tank dimensions so that they end up sitting on that vertical post instead
  11. Yes but now it sounds like you are trying to outsmart a woman. This is a very dangerous area to be dabbling in
  12. Looks like the move went well, and I like the idea of hanging the lights like that. Be careful though that the screws and metal strips don't make the base too uneven for the tank on top. I've also noticed a fundamental flaw, and perahps it's a weird WA way of thinking that you've brought wih you. Was the garage ever hers to give? I'm all for sucking up to the boss, but this is a situation where you should be getting the credit for sharing the garage, not her
  13. [YAWN] Yep, you're right about that mate, not very impressive to me at all I am VERY impressed by the photographs however, and assume all those tanks and bars made it all possible
  14. Willy that looks awesome! In fact it's so good that it looks fake ( and that's a compliment, not an accusation )
  15. It's here, and just as I thought my question was already answered there. Next time I'll look before I ask
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