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  1. Not that easy to come by these days.. I wish i can find one with straight bars!
  2. Beautiful fish! I love red devils!!!
  3. WOW I like your pics position perfect but yes lepperfish has a point what are you using D6C1 cause i like it! canon 7d 24-70 F2.8L lens
  4. Totally agree. First time I go out and do night photography. I think i may have some where the bridge and opera house are not cropped. I didnt have a tripod and rest the camera on the ledge coz some guy was taking pics on the side.. I'm also trying to apply the rule of thirds from now on Thank you all for your feedback!! Heres another.. (all photos are unedited)
  5. Funny guys.. heres another one
  6. I've seen this tank.. Its awesome!
  7. You make me jealous. I won't be commenting on your awesome photos anymore! LOL Very nice!
  8. IVe known Barry for a few years now. He has very nice quality fish/discus! Nice catch!
  9. Beautiful fish! Makes me jealous they pose for you!
  10. Not the jardinis. The leichardis are. This guy has never jumped or been spooked.. Congrats to OP. Hes a beautiful looking fish and I'm happy to see him being well looked after
  11. The first and second were taken with a kit lens 18-55mm I think... I'm not happy with them myself.. 3) How could light been improved? Thanks for the comments and feedback all!
  12. Canon 7D. Lens is canon 24-70mm F2.8... After a trip out, i want a telephoto lens and a prime lens .. but I cant
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