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Feral Cichlids In NSW


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Hi all.

Does anyone know if there are any feral populations of cichlids in sydney watrways?

I was thinking of doing fishing of a different kind and thought it would be good for the environment too.



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Yeah good fishing for jds

Just so you know they dont have all the sites on that list there are a few more secret spots

Theres alot of brazillienses in meadowie good size to 40+

if you can find that list rowiee let me know ;)

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Yes those JD look awesome !!!

Found a place in QLD that has wild

Three spot Cichlids (Cichlasoma Trimaculatum)

Victoria Burtons Haplochromine (Haplochromis burtoni)

Wooo fishing trip for me.

Would putting these fish in quarantine be a good option for a few months to make sure they arn't carrying any parasites?

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I'm pretty sure those 'wild' trimacs have been recorded since prior to 'flowerhorns' hitting our shores.

However, that is no indication that they are pure, as we had some beasts of sketchy origin getting around for a long time before deliberate/marketed hybridisation.

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