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  1. fastae,,,,,should clean up the tank mate's for you in no time!!!!!! lol Cant really help untill we know whats in your tank now?
  2. And they all cross breed as well so hope u only have males in the same tank? Canley vale have colour fed fish so you may find if you dont keep feeding that food to them they will soon lose a lot of the colour they now have. Look like a peacock for sure that you see at both Canley Vale stores
  3. 3 days is fine for the background but give it a good wash as said above tank I'd have to agree with Ben & Josh 5/7 days
  4. For those that dont know Time Think 2pm start? Sat 2 March Place Nuwarra Public School off Newbridge road. Pick you bidding card up at the door etc etc to the new bidders/vistors out there Correct me if I'm wrong My 2 cents say the Committee do a great job and for free If you dont think they dont your welcome to stand for the job and offcourse do it better, easy really??? 14 hours for a lot of them!! Tks John
  5. i know its hard but try a pm to that guy hes the only one on here i could see had them? Never know Good luck
  6. Careful Rob!!! After the first auction he may just start Kev's routine? Then you got a problem
  7. Posted 28 August 2006 - 12:30 PM Hi all, Can anybody who is willing to sell, and ship to Brisbane (at my expense of course), any C. afra 'Chewere' adults please drop me a line. I currently have a colony of 2m2f that I am looking to add to. Cheers Neil Last post I see of them on here & no replies?
  8. Last i saw some of them was up your way. They are always confused with the elongatus but a lot different, they breed like rats for me but I'm going back about 5 years Got to be some down here as well as I sold lots of fry 8/10 at a time Blacktown pets took at least 100 from me, Aquarium on Lock st as well as Doonside's Noah's Ark not many around of the Jalo reef as well as a good breeder is a nice fish
  9. snail rid ? but the cats dont like it small dose once a week, max half what the bottle tells you ? how will it kill everything in the tank?only if you over dose and dont read the dosage
  10. dobbin4


    VCS Photo Gallery / Aulonocara chiwindi Blue Neon Thats the closest I see but as said mixed is that
  11. Agressive or just wanting to breed? should not be a male from fins and no colour, females can be agressive f but or a peacock that is mild
  12. Not like Placidochromis mbamba to be nippy? but good idea to seperate as said
  13. If you got it from a mixed peacock tank then thats what it is anything or more likely a cross Not a Ngara or baenschi or korneliae A chipokae closest
  14. Had a bad experience with them myself. How out of business which does not surprise me. My order was emailed me to arrive between 9/10am. After waiting till mid day I left for work. The box arrived at 6.30pm with half the fish already dead. Heard of others with the same experience?
  15. If you can get it S/Steet is the way to go as said above. 6ft you need 40mm or if 25mm you need the middle leg.i have 6 fters on 25mm s/s with no middle leg but thick foam under the tank. Depends on condensation in your room? My Coolroom panel fish room gets a lot of condensation in winter so I use 4 foot lights at night drilled into the roof to keep it warmer and avoid it a lot. daytime is warmer so you dont get as much condensation. I only keep my fish room at 23dec in winter but only use an oil heater as well so not dear.
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