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  1. If you could manage to go to 6x2x2 that would be good. I
  2. Welcome back! Frontosa fry will be ok in there for a while but it is likely to be too small for them long term. I've got a few tang community tanks around that size that work well. The set ups below might give you some ideas. 4x2 - Lamprologus similis, Firefin comps, Cyp kitumba 4x2 - Alto fasciatura, Xeno spilopterus mbilibili, brevis, gold occies 5x2 - Gold comps, caudopunctatus, leleupi, Juli ornatus, Lepido hecqui, a bachelor group of Cyp kigoma, Cyp mpimbwe, Cyp kitumba, a few frontosa fry Have fun setting the tank up!
  3. A new home for my Enantiopus, black bee cyps, black occies and Sumbu This is my first tank with black sand - not too sure if it works. IMG_2862.MOV
  4. I’ve bought from Livefish a couple of times without any dramas
  5. Everyone seems to have sold out, and this has been the case for at least a year. I might have to buy some from the Uk
  6. This caudo pair have been guarding their from for a couple of weeks. They’re doing a good job in a community tank of other Lamprologines IMG_2439.MOV
  7. Does anyone know what’s happened to Waterlife? There hasn’t been any stock in Australia for months but it still seems to be available overseas. Can I purchase their products from overseas?
  8. Jason in Fairfield had flavus, cobue , polits last time I was there (over 12 months now) and possibly demasoni
  9. All of them as far as I am aware.
  10. I’ve used myxazin to treat cloudy and infected eyes before
  11. I have Anubis’s in my tang tanks. It goes well
  12. A bit of afternoon light on the tank makes all their colours look great IMG_1442.MOV
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