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  1. A new home for my Enantiopus, black bee cyps, black occies and Sumbu This is my first tank with black sand - not too sure if it works. IMG_2862.MOV
  2. I’ve bought from Livefish a couple of times without any dramas
  3. Everyone seems to have sold out, and this has been the case for at least a year. I might have to buy some from the Uk
  4. This caudo pair have been guarding their from for a couple of weeks. They’re doing a good job in a community tank of other Lamprologines IMG_2439.MOV
  5. Does anyone know what’s happened to Waterlife? There hasn’t been any stock in Australia for months but it still seems to be available overseas. Can I purchase their products from overseas?
  6. Jason in Fairfield had flavus, cobue , polits last time I was there (over 12 months now) and possibly demasoni
  7. All of them as far as I am aware.
  8. I’ve used myxazin to treat cloudy and infected eyes before
  9. I have Anubis’s in my tang tanks. It goes well
  10. A bit of afternoon light on the tank makes all their colours look great IMG_1442.MOV
  11. Looks good! Nice selection of fish too
  12. With any species you can get a rogue male, and a male that may take over the tank. I think the ones to watch would be the maingano and hongi. Labidochromis so. “mbamba bay” might be a quieter option. Other fish to consider in the mix are Taiwan reefs, red empress, kadango, mirror balls, white lips, blue dolphins, electric blue. You could start with 30 fish (once your filter is up for it) and possibly get 2 males of each peacock to increase the chances of colouring up nicely. Sounds like a great tank. You’ll have to post pictures
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