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  1. Leptosoma...They make great tank mates for Multies and you get the joy of breeding both species with no fry predation
  2. Buy a bigger tank for them. I garuntee the day you plan to transfer them you will see fry and wont want to disturb them lol
  3. I ordered mine 3 days ago. Got them through Jrogo on the Cyphos forum
  4. Only interested in the larger type sorry. Have used them before and found them to be excellent. If your interested in those ones I will split the shipping for sure...
  5. I'm after 3 of the top ones (that Edwin sold awhile ago) and would rather not import from USA. If anyone has 3 they want to sell
  6. If you go through my posts you'll find my opinion on this posted elsewhere. I knew of a bloke that bred bristlenose with his Trophs and they were picking off the fry and bloating. That was the cause of deaths according to him.... Now opinions on this subject varied in the other thread so I'm not going to claim it as gospel, I'm only passing on what I've heard as I've never kept anything else with my Trophs when I had them so I have no first hand experience with this myself. Anyway it's not worth the risk just incase, better to be safe then sorry IMO!!!
  7. I bought 6 Juliedochromis Gombe (looks like 2 pairs and 2 excess males). Kids are stoked as they have taken up residence in their little 2ft tank...
  8. I'd love them Josh as I've always got multies & cyps together (my fav combo) when I have had tanks set up, unfortunately the kids have made it clear there is to be neither of those species or bristlenose in their tank as they want something different...
  9. Anyone going that has a breeding pair/trio/colony of Lamprologus or Julidochromis species? I have to go to Bulli at 4pm tomorrow so was thinking of making it to the auction at 1.30ish to hopefully find something for the kids 2ft set up
  10. I found no hiding spots worked best with mine. Any spot that they could call their own just turned into a match of blood sport for it. I was waking up to a dead fish or 2 every morning and told myself not to worry it is just excess males anyway (I have no idea what sex they were but telling myself that kept me sane and come to terms with the constant loss lol). This went on for a few weeks before I had had enough, tore everything out and had no more deaths after that... ETA: I was keeping mine with Electric yellows and Cobwe at that time...
  11. I was going to say pic 1 and 3 look like Brasiliensis to me.
  12. Were these my old Utintas? Would love to see some recent pics
  13. I believe you can have a tank full of yellow tails and produce blues and vice versa...
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