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  1. Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    Your wasting your time Lloydashton. Any Tropheus keeper would be so happy to see these fish back in the country and would not for a second want to see one culled for some misbelief that the barring of fry, in Tropheus, has any impact in the adult coloration or quality of the fish. The Experience of the non-believers is irrelevant this time. Each to the their I guess.    
  2. Trapped gasses

    Keep the sand thin, less than 2cm thick and you should be OK. Vacuuming it when you do water changes will also help
  3. I used them on my 72x18x18 tanks and that went great. Crap will get caught around all you decor, but if you vacuum the floors you will be fine.
  4. Replacing salousi.

    If the Saulosi are to aggressive don't bother with Demasoni, Saulosi are a walk in the park compared to Demasoni.
  5. Equipment

    Look up "Age of Aquariums" they will sort you out. mention your a member here and get a discount, plus they will beat any other shops price  
  6. Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    If a bad bar has nothing to do with the quality of the fish why suggest culling it? Being the small number of fry produced and the size of this, I would say they aren't all brother/sister.    
  7. Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    I have never heard of people kulling Tropheus for poor barring, I know its done in Frontosa and some other fish, but the people who do this are doing it for personal preference rather then genetics. There is no proof that it is a sign of poor genetics.   Any chance of a few pics of the Nkonde purple? I have never seen or heard of them. They sound sweet.  
  8. Favourite Peacock

    Aulonocara aquilonium , keep them a while back. Very nice plain Peacock  
  9. Nitrite/nitrate false positive?

    if its only been a day the fish may not be showing any signs of issues. I agree with Buccal and think the tank is still cycling. Stop the water changes and monitor the tank for a week. When did you ditch the Aqua one cartridges?
  10. Cichlids won't breed

    Are you sure they are female?
  11. OB Tropheus

    Cheers guys.  I am guessing they would also be pretty hit and miss on their patterns, with only a few being spectacular.
  12. OB Tropheus

    Ok, This will bring the nut bags out!   Who has them or has anyone seen any good ones on Australia. I could maybe get a new tank if there was a chance I could get my hands on some fry. Pictures are from the internet and aren't mine   Thanks   Josh  
  13. Covering aquarium cabinet with vinyl sheet

    I don't even know if the vinyl wrap that is sold through the auto spare parts stores will even stick to timber long term.  Kitchen cabinets and alike that are wrapped are usually thermoformed or vaccumed wrapped and  both sides of the "plastic" are joined to form a seal. With the "automotive" wrap you would need to over lap the to get a good seal.  2pak would give a permanent seal that lasts a lot longer and would look a lot cleaner and neater. 
  14. Covering aquarium cabinet with vinyl sheet

    It is also super expensive! 2 meter roll of it is $180 at Autobarn! I want to do the bonnet on the sons Datsun in it. For a similar price as covering the whole unit you could get a kitchen place to make new doors and  a end panel, paint in high gloss paint and you could install them.