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  1. I think this is a technical question?

    Every question about a women belongs in the Technical section.
  2. WC Frontosa vs F1 Frontosa

    Also remember the Wild Caught fish didn't start their growing with special high protein diets and meals everyday. Our tank raised fish grow better, faster and bigger than any wild caught fish would. We also dont know how old a WC fish is, we only buy them on size. When I had wild caught Tropheus the offspring always looked healthier than their adults. Better color/patterns too, I thought.
  3. Gravel vac for 16mm hose

    I doubt there would be a commercially available one. You would need to make one.
  4. Trouble with Resun LP40

    It must be missing the hose clamp?
  5. Large tank transportation

    You will be lucky to find anyone willing to risk it. The cost would be huge if you could.
  6. Forum Marked as Read

    There isn't any other option.
  7. Fish boarding.

    Get in contact with Andrew at Labyrinth. I dont know that he will do it, but he may be able to help out with a name that will.
  8. solution to hybrids

    I think the biggest problem is attitude. Not having a shot, but using the example you have used Daryna. The fish should never be sold, grow them up, teach the kids about fish, but they are your responsibility (the fish) at the end of the day. I would loose my crap if I was sold non-pure fish for beer money. I would be even more pee'd if I wasn't told they were hybrids. I have no idea of the original deal that went wrong. I don't know if you were the seller or the buyer, but these threads always end the same way. If the two parties cant sort it out in private, it wont be sorted out in public.
  9. side drop design efficiency?

    Number one is tried and tested, it works well. I agree with Chris about the heater, you will be lucky to have room for one and would be better adding more filter material to use the space better. I would also get rid of the bio filtration and add extra floss.
  10. Link to Aquaone globes I am pretty sure Power-glo don't make one to fit. I agree that the power-glo globes are the best.
  11. Can you buy a Power-Glo globe to suit the Aquaone tank? I thought you had to use the Aquaone globe.
  12. High volume air pump

    HIblow........Budget will dictate.
  13. DNA testing

    I have no idea who would do the testing, maybe ask a vet or someone like that. I dont know where you will find a sample to check it against. Its probably alot of effort to got to just to find out if your fish is pure.
  14. DNA testing

    You Would need something to compare it to, so you would need a sample of DNA to compare it to.
  15. DNA testing

    I also think it would be a waste of time if there is no known record of the DNA of that fish. any particular reason why you want to DNA test your fish?