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  1. Multi agression - not sure what to do

    Maybe not. They will turn up if there is more. They are very good parents. 
  2. Multi agression - not sure what to do

    Get rid of the rocks and split the shells into a few groups with a sand mound in between. You can get away with one shell per fish and a few spares. The other option is get a heap more. I had nearly 100 in a 48x18x18 when I was breeding them. It may be to late if they have bred, but the dominate male is protecting his fry that's all. Its going to be hard to do in a small tank.
  3. Not Eating after stripping

    Fish can go a week with out eating. Give her a few days to settle down, I think she will be ok.
  4. Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep"

    It's been years now, I have to many other things to do now. 😆
  5. Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep"

    @Link2Hell, everyone knows I don't keep fish anymore. I have a normal life now. 😆😆😆😆
  6. Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep"

    Sorry for the high jack, but is there any good pilots lines left? It was a struggle yo find any a few years back. 
  7. I shut mine down years ago and begin to restart it and never finished it. I don't miss it at all. I found the fish room took the fun out of the hobby for me. I still haven't started another tank, but have thought of it.    
  8. one of my female petro bulus

    Very nice!!
  9. Scammer??

    Google the name of the company they were using for transport. It will make things clearer for you. Josh
  10. Scammer??

    Send me the users details please.   I am guessing they have just relocated there and have no contact details yet?   Josh
  11. Tropheus moorii Yellow Nkonde

    Your wasting your time Lloydashton. Any Tropheus keeper would be so happy to see these fish back in the country and would not for a second want to see one culled for some misbelief that the barring of fry, in Tropheus, has any impact in the adult coloration or quality of the fish. The Experience of the non-believers is irrelevant this time. Each to the their I guess.    
  12. Trapped gasses

    Keep the sand thin, less than 2cm thick and you should be OK. Vacuuming it when you do water changes will also help
  13. I used them on my 72x18x18 tanks and that went great. Crap will get caught around all you decor, but if you vacuum the floors you will be fine.
  14. Replacing salousi.

    If the Saulosi are to aggressive don't bother with Demasoni, Saulosi are a walk in the park compared to Demasoni.
  15. Equipment

    Look up "Age of Aquariums" they will sort you out. mention your a member here and get a discount, plus they will beat any other shops price