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  1. I'm in Bega on the far south cost nsw and thanks for the info I'll try and get some brine shrimp for them and they look too be going strong
  2. My black calvas have been sitting on a shell for over a week now that I've noticed and today I've looked in the tank couldn't see the female but I did see some small fry in the shell so I pulled the shell out and put in too a small tub and about 40 fry come out and still no female so I put shell back in tank and looked for the female for about half hour and then she come out off the shell were the fry was lol so all good. Anyways it's my first time breeding black calvas and just seen what's best food for fry and best place too put them too grow was thinking of putting them in fry s
  3. There tank mates are trophues and I did think that they might not be helping with breeding activities water condition are good I no he keep good water and change water weekly If I did get them there tank mates would be dimidiochromis compressiceps in a 6x2x2 they might not be the best tank mates for them but saying that dimidiochromis are not that bad thanks for your reply
  4. I haven't seen the fish for a couple of years. I was asking the guy for fry and he offered the colony too me. There well looked after
  5. I've been offered a colony of red cap lethrinops and have been breeding several time but in the last year they haven't been breeding the person who has them has had them for about 5,6 years are they getting to old too for breeding any help on this we'll be much appreciated thanks
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