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  1. Temperature is important, use an esky with a 25watt heater suctioned to the side of the esky. If necessary that the fry types be kept separated, float the bags to keep the temperature right
  2. you could take the impellers out of the cannisters and flow them with bilge pumps powered by car battery
  3. nannat


    i only know of an alternative.i think it was cheaper than coral too. could you let go of more info if you have any.
  4. nannat


    i once had a sand that buffed the water to alkaline.it was granite or limestone just not sure of the 2.
  5. at least 3 weeks better if you dont try before that as she needs skills at holding
  6. nannat

    tank builders

    try prestige aquariums in mt druitt
  7. can you i.d. the afra for me?
  8. theyre here or at least they were 5 years ago.a colony went to W.A. i believe but im not certain thats where they went. look them up using forum search and see
  9. nannat

    fry saver

    hilal,i usually catch them and carefully lookin their mouths.if theres too much eggsack of the fry i let them go till next week. different fry mature at different rates.for electric yellows,three weeks for their fry to swim well enough to swim freely of mum.
  10. nannat

    fry saver

    if you can put the lid back on hilal put it on it wont do any harm.
  11. bloodworms and beefheart?id be hesitant to feed them those protiens.
  12. nannat


    to start make sure you use rock salt in their water mate,it helps prevent fungus i believe.the stuff from the supermarket that gets put in a salt grinder. you will need to warm their water above 22 degrees,and keep them on the pellets from the farm up there,or you will spend a fortune on fresh bait to feed them.
  13. the 2nd lot of pics were taken in a tank in my backyard in sunlight.i set them up in a temporary photography studio tank for them pics.
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