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  1. Praziquantel from my local pet shop. I was told we cant get the liquid stuff tho? The peacock colors backs up nicely. however i have noticed that he turns that color more often now. not sure why. The black markings on the peacock are just about completely gone now. Also they have all stopped scratching on the substrate. Im treating the tank for 3 weeks like the aquascience site advised. I have noticed the black spots under the mouth and lips have improved but hasnt totally disappeared.
  2. To anyone with same problem.. I've treated this with Praziquantel and seeing great results. Photo was taken 2 weeks after 1 treatment. Apparently it's a type of fluke. Found very little information on the internet about this... found aquascience.org to be very helpful... rip fourms...
  3. Another one thats got it.. my young lombardoi...
  4. New life spectrum once a day. It has it in it. I did read that. I was going to switch them to the fluval bug bites and see if that makes a difference. I didn't see it on the label. What makes me think its a disease is Ive had 2 texas cichlids that came without a mark in a separate tank but using same nets, ect. 3 weeks later the mouth covered in black... small frontossas I added to the tank my 6fter 3 of them have it now.. the aquarium actually bread them and went back to check it out. must of been 60 left in the tank and none had it... I can see so many posts about the same problem but the fo
  5. Hey Josh, it's not just my peacock. I've got about 5 or 6 different cichlids with black spots around their lips. And yeh it doesn't seam to be getting worse and their all acting normal. Trying to upload .ore photos
  6. Hey Guys, Can anyone help identify this black patch on my peacock? He's been occasionally hiding and sometimes drains away his colour but seams to be ok... had no water issues. Nitrates about 20ppm. Black fungus? Thanks in advanced
  7. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me what the black patch is? He has been changing colour since he developed it. He turns himself lighter often. He was always coloured up before. Sometimes he hides another thing he started to do recently. Ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 20 ph 8.2
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