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  1. Thanks, it very didn't make it through the night in a isolation tank. No other fish is ill so hopefully it didn't spread.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me what this is? He can swim fine, he does tend to sit on the bottom a lot. Not gasping for air or swimming funny or anything.
  3. Glad to be of help! Let us know how you get on!
  4. I forgot to mention to make sure the tubing is food grade too!
  5. What I've done is put a t adaptor on my laundry tap, one going to the washing machine and one going to a garden style fitting. I've put a garden socket thingy on the end of my tubing and I can connect my hose to the tap and fill my bins straight from the tap. My tank is next to the laundry so it's convenient to do it that way for me. You can also get adaptors to fit onto the kitchen sink tap as well. But if your happy filling tubs in the bathroom that's fine too. There are many options, I'm sure you'll work out the most convenient for you as you go along.
  6. Do a search on eBay for clear pvc hose. Saw a 20m roll of 12mm id for $45. Is it safe to use the bath tub? Could there be residual chemicals? I just plan to use a couple of 60l bins and only 3 or 4m of tubing.
  7. Hi Yankee, thanks for the offer everything is up and running now so I'll just do it the slow way. It will be a good learning experience :)
  8. Well that was a short lived experiment. Seems my tank will be here today. Still, it's been good to make a start even though it was a false start.
  9. Water parameters arecgetting better; PH: 8 Ammonia: 2ppm Gh: 71.6ppm Kh: 179ppm
  10. Thanks. I've got some things coming to sort out the water so I'll sort out the water in the bin.
  11. Very good I did suggest those! I might try positive reinforcement though, the cattle prod might not go down so well
  12. Do the kh/gh levels matter for establishing the bacteria while cycling? My levels are quite low, I'm not sure if I should correct them at this stage? Parameters are; PH: 8 Ammonia: 2ppm Gh: 53.7ppm Kh: 143.2ppm Any advice re kh/gh? Cheers.
  13. Well I started my experiment. I have a 60l clean bin with a fluval 407 and a 200w heater to keep the temp up. I've got the 407 packed with biological media (it is going to be a biological filter for the main tank). I've got some coral rubble and some left over media in a bag that I will also put in the main tank when it's up and running. I'll dose with ammonia to kick off the cycle, hopefully when my tank is up and running I'll have a head start on cycling.
  14. Hi, It seems my tank won't be delivered for another 3 or 4 weeks depending on covid. I had a thought last night, I am able to fill a (new) bin up with water and start a filter running on it and start the cycle then when I get my tank set up and filled I can move the filters on to it saving me a few weeks! Cheers!
  15. Hi, Mum seems to have shares in a fly spray company and uses it like she's on a mission to exterminate every living thing on the planet. Is there an alternative to fly spray I can put her on before I get my tank and she nukes everything in it? Thanks!
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