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NSWCS March Auction


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you can easily join on the night, although it is not a requirement for attending a major auction. the only participation possible now is as a buyer, as all lots were given out to existing members at the last two meetings.

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I think at this stage my list could include:

  • Red Empress
  • Proto Similis
  • Pulpican boys
  • Lithobates
  • Aulonocara Stuartgranti "Galileya Reef"
  • Lithobates
  • C Afra "Cobwe"
  • Neo Multies
  • Maybe some F1 lepto Utinta males or fry.
  • F1 krib pair

It all depends on what is ready and what is catchable at 5:00am in the morning.



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I'm expecting to bring

  • Frontosa Kitumba
  • Trophius duboisi kigoma 'stardust'
  • Gold occies
  • Gold Alto comps
  • L333 catties
  • Chalinochromis sp. ndobhoi
  • Neo. similis
  • a spare pair of Leleupi longior
  • maybe a spare pair of peppermint catties
  • maybe some Kigoma firefin Alto comps
  • maybe some Alto calvus black

As usual I'll be cutting dangerously into my sleep time on the auction morning so in practice I'll bring whatever gets caught and into the bags first; if you're hoping to see something in particular in the auction or on the side gimme a pm.


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Labeotropheus trewavasae "Maleri"

Labidochromis chisumulae

Metriaclima livingstonii

Aulonocara stuartgranti "Chiloelo"

Red Empress (top notch)

Pelvicachromis subocellatus "Matadi"

Maybe a few others...


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I will be taking;

  • E-Blue fry
  • E-Yellow fry
  • Interrptus Johanni fry
  • N Venustus fry
  • X-Mas Fulu juveniles
  • Dimi Strigatus juveniles
  • Albino zebra juveniles
  • Proto Similis fry
  • Crabro fry
  • White top BB zebra trios
  • Red Fin Kadango males
  • Proto Spilo Tanzania male

And whatever else i can catch in the early hours of the morning.

Hoping not to spend any money but am after some good E-Yellow juveniles and will prob buy heaps of fish I don't have room for.

Cheers Couchy

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I have every limb and digit crossed for the time being, i might be able to make it down to the Sydney meet for the first time.

So is there food and equipment stalls etc there also?

If i do make it down there i plan to come home one way or another (auction or carpark sale) with either Lab.c.Nkali or Lab.chisumulae.

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Looks like I can make it down so now I have a few more questions about the auction.

So how is the auction lot order list determined, are they just auctioned in the order that they are lodged on arrival?

I take it all the fish can be viewed before the actual auction starts?

Once you have decided what you want to bid on is there a way to know roughly when it will be up?

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there is usually 8 rounds in the auction. when people check in their lots, they usually number their bags so they can choose which round the fish will be sold in. for each round, bags are randomly selected until all bags from that round are sold.

there is no viewing of fish before the auction.

because you cant view the fish, or even see a list of what is sold, you have to sit through the auction to see what comes up. in some ways it can be exciting, in others it can be painful. ultimately if you really want a particular fish its best to buy one privately on the day outside of the auction to ensure you get what you are after. then you can bid on the optional stuff in the auction.

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If you are after something particular or rare best to post a WTB ad in classifieds for pick up at the meeting to guarantee you get what you are after. Otherwise you could spend 8-10-12 hours waiting for something that won't come through. You can ask some of the committee if species are coming and they may know if we have time to help or look

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Any thing that is really rare usually gets mentioned by someone at auction time. Between the person selling, the scrutineers and runners, it will get noticed. If worse comes to worse it can be looked up in the auction system, but time constraints wont allow this to happen until all fish are booked in and the auction is well and trully underway. You will never know when the fish is coming out as the lots are auctioned at "random".


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