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  1. Not as colorful as a peacock tank but why not look into tangs. Cyps and some shell dwellers would look asesome in that tank
  2. I had some a while back but slowly died of. Awesome fish.
  3. i may end up going to the Zoo so will let you guys know. and cheers for the help guys
  4. Thanks man. Something to consider
  5. I am heading to canverra this weekend. Are there any shops worth visiting there? Or any breeders selling lepto kigoma and malasa and ventralis kala yellows?
  6. Looks like the aquariums strain to me. Could be wrong though.
  7. Well higher temps even when being treated fir whitespot need sufrace aggitation for more oxygen so yes the spraybar definetly helped.
  8. Hey there,

    I saw one of your posts from a few years ago. Do you have any Malasa for sale?

    Kind Regards,


  9. Cheers mate. I know they are small but are any showing color? Also where are teh fish located?

  10. How did the auction go? Night shift ment i could not make it. Anything new and exciting through?
  11. i have 14 or so sponges on a lp60 and it works well. Ideally i would have a flow control on each filter but i dont. Some sponges need to be elevated of the substrate to get air. But all work well when balanced.
  12. I have had similar happen to me when i forgot to add dechlor. Lost 2 tanks of fish and was about the same amount of water changed but in a 3 and 4 foot tanks.
  13. Ahh. cant helpyou there. i am about to order the safe version of continuum. So hopefully that is as good as the seachem
  14. Are you using their buffer or water conditioner?
  15. Has anyone tried this food for africans/tangs? If so how does it compare to flora? Also does anyone have experience using continuum fraction D dechlorinator? Seems to be getting harder to find 1kg tubs of safe. Thanks
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