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Another hobby, bigger hole...


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Canon 7D. Lens is canon 24-70mm F2.8...

After a trip out, i want a telephoto lens and a prime lens .. but I cant :(

Good choices on gear pal. Telephoto option is surprisingly affordable. Check out the canon EF300 f/4L or the EF400 f/5.6L. I got the 400 and its a sweet lens for the cash.

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the new addiction :yes:

I'm a mug with a camera so ............

1) I like this one, great focus especially around the eye

2) hmm nope depth of focus seems to be out

3) hmm light seems wrong

4) I like this one, would make a good background on a webpage IMO

5) I like this one, especially the spray from the breaking wave

I'm love digital because the number of crap pics I take doesn't matter :lol2:

Keep up the practice as it only takes a few real good ones to make you feel

you have acheived something special :thumb


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I just got a 50d and love it!

i spent a little bit more and got the 18 - 200mm lens.

good shots i like the last one best.

when i am taking photos of waves or any thing that moves i like to use the burst shooting mode, keep the one i like and dump the rest.

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Fish keepers have MTS, photographers have LBA (Lens Buying Addiction).

My critique is offered in a friendly tone and aimed to help you improve your photography, you won't improve as a photographer if you machine gun away hoping to get a good one pick the best of the bunch and everyone says "Hey great shot, you must have a good camera".

So.. I am now suckered in.. Feedback please always welcome!

The first and second were taken with a kit lens 18-55mm I think... I'm not happy with them myself..

3) How could light been improved?

Thanks for the comments and feedback all!

Improved composition of the first two shots would make them more pleasing.

The first shot could work orientated as a landscape but it's too tight at the moment, you need more head space so it doesn't look cramped. I'd try to compose the shot so the eye was at the intersection of the two "rule of third" lines.

The second shot would definately be better orientated as a portrait, that way you would lose the empty space on the left and right of the bird. You've also clipped the top of the crest but have left some empty space below the feet, get in the habit of checking the edges and corners to see that everything important is included and nothing you don't want has crept in before hitting the shutter.

I don't find anything unpleasant about the light in the 3rd shot. It looks like the sun was quite low in the sky in front of you and slightly to your right, late in the day is always a good time to shoot landscapes because the light is softer and more directional but shooting into the sun can cause problems. Maybe if you took a few steps to the right the sun would have been more to the side, you would have lost the yellow sign that's just in at the right edge and you might have got some more engaging eye contact with the other gulls. You've got some blown highlights on the gulls which is due to exposure/metering, if the gulls were intended to be the point of interest in this shot then switching to centre weighted or spot metering might have avoided the over exposed areas (if you've shot in RAW you should be able to recover some detail anyway).

What about the 4th shot do you like? Personally, it doesn't have any point of interest for me but I don't have the same connection to it as you.

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4th shot is where those poor fellows got swept off fishing !!!!! :confused: oops bad taste

Its the one I like

I'm like Chris,, wish i could but just does not happen

Leave it to the daughter she does it for a living

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