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Flowerhorn and Frontosa


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Yep they'd go well together......

..As long as the frontosa were full size, hungry and the flowerhorns were very slow and small (just a bit smaller than a frontosa's open mouth).

Keep the pH up well over 8 as well ;)

Obviously I'm not serious about the above (although...... :B )

Totally different fish and totally different requirements. Just pick one or the other, but don't pick the flowerhorns :lol2:

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I wouldn't mix them together!

If both fish were cheap, I would try it if I didn't mind the outcome, although at the sizes required, the Fronts needing to be thus, much larger.


Ahmed ;)

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isnt there a forum rule against the discussion of hybrids? punishment under pain of death???

PS go the fronts

I checked the Ace Rules, and it is not listed there. Well it may be posted here somewhere...but it should be posted in Ace rules. Also I dont see why make a big fuss out of it....all I am asking is just compatibility. I am not even discussing any crossing or breeding. Considering both Flowerhorn and Front are also cichlids why cant I post here too??

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Discussion is allowed, but get ready for some fireworks.

Both are Cichilds one is considered pure the other isnt.

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i realy dont see why people like flowerhorns in the first place, sure some have interesting colours, but my god what an ugly fish in general lol.

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in my opinion i prefer the flowerhorns than fronnies as fronnies grow too slow and are abit boring sometimes always hiding not swimming much too sensitive but very nice fish, while as flowehorns are crazy / aggressive fun fish with personality and they have crazy colours, pearls, flowerline markings and some have very big big heads (kok) prices for flowerhorns range between dollars / hundreds / thousands depending on the qualitythere'e some ugly ones but if you can afford it there's some high grade quality one that looks awesome

i like frontosas too but as flowerhorrns gets bigger it might be too aggressive for the frontosa as they are very aggressive. the bigger the tank the better

i kept flowerhorns and frontosa in the same tank it was fine. no damage as long as you get them small and grow them up together should be ok but they can get very territorial

i dont see whats wrong with the discussion as there isnt any issue with selling or swaps. it was just a question

good luck with your fish IkanGila

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Frontosa originate from Lake Tanganyika, with water parameters of around;

pH: 7.6 to 9.0

KH: 14 to 20

GH: 12 to 18

Temperature: 23 to 26°C (depending on depth of water)

Flowerhorns originate from irresponible aquariums, for the most part developed in Malaysia, Taiwan and other asian countries. They don't really have an idea of what water they should like, but it is the general consensus that they prefer a lower pH and are kept at higher temperatures. They also usually need to be fed colour enchancers and hormones to maintain their colouration.

The two together - well it could be done. Although it really is not responsible as an aquarist to do it. Mainly for these reasons:

- Differing water parameters

- Compatibility issues

- Flowerhorns are unpredictable

Frontosas and flowerhorns reach similar sizes but the speed at which they reach full size is often quite different with frontosas being slower growers, so growing them up together doesn't really work.

If your after personality, go for some oscars. Want something abit different go for frontosas. Want to support the destruction of the hobby, go for flowerhorns. :p

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We, or should i say the majority of fishkeepers/breeders have recommend not to house the 2 species in the same tank for various reasons,

its now upto the individual,to take the advise of cichlid keepers.

Its obvious some may not be as experienced as others.

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