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  1. Thanks .... will check and get a quote from him too
  2. The tank maker said something like if i was to go 8x2x2.5 (height) then it must be 12mm all. I dont quite get it as the water volume would be the same as 8x2.5x2 ?
  3. I was looking for a used 8ft tank but thought I might just go for a new one. So I'm asking for an advice. About to order a 8x2.5(w)x2(h) tank. My tank builder said they can do with 10mm sides and 12mm base. Does it sound safe? Going to 12mm all costs almost double TIA
  4. Yeess !!! Tube was down last night on the female, and this morning saw a bunch of orange coloured eggs at bottom of the pot
  5. sweet hopefully so .... they flash and display with each other, but the small one gets smashed at times, so she may not be ready to breed
  6. Hi, from the pics can anyone tell if I have a pair? They sometimes 'dance' but the smaller one sometimes gets beat up and chased around too
  7. looking fantastic !!! has he got a missus ?
  8. wow amazing collection you have especially the balzanii .... i havent seen any before in aus i would love some frys if you breed them later
  9. Very nice collections there .... the salvinis look beautiful, very chunky, how big are they? And how do you manage to keep uarus with plants? Mine would gobble up everything that looks green
  10. all fish bite when they are super hungry ... i have even got bitten by angelfish or tiger barb before LOL
  11. Anyone here keeps or breeds Sajica cichlid? From SA waters if I'm not mistaken Just looking for some peaceful tankmates for my Uarus and severums
  12. hi, does anyone know if we can get the medication here? My uaru has swollen lips that looks like bacterial infection. I have tried tri sulfa and tetracycline, but there doesn't seem to be much improvement at all. I googled up and Furan 2 is the recommendation as it is very broad spectrum and effective, so they said. What's equivalent to Furan 2 if it is not possible to get here? Please any info will be appreciated. thanks
  13. I had lymphocystis with my colony of Fenestratus before. I think the problem developed due to overcrowding. The disease is very hard to get rid of and always seems to come back if the cause of stress is not overcome. I ended up getting rid of the whole colony as this can infect other fish in the same tank, so be careful.
  14. hi anyone knows where to source them ? i dont need much, probably just 50 - 100 gr Thanks
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