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How many will be at the BBQ?


Will you be there?  

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can we put maybe on there blush.gif.......lol. I've been looking for Speers Point and i have no idea where it is in Adelaide. I guess i will look a bit harder then blink.gif.


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i'm bringing my 14year old cousin and his posse LOL.gif to the sydney party so put another four or five down.

seems like a pretty poor turnout so far though sadsmiley02.gif

cmon guys get it together

i'm complaining even though sydney has the bigest turnout so far laugh.gif

maybe if we combine all of them into one big party somewhere in the center...like say alice springs LOL.gif

ok no more funnies i'm going to bed!

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We have about 8-10 Newcastle ACE members coming (maybe a couple more), plus families, so around 30 people all up.

I'll send you a list of the names Mark.

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Inneresting... we have 7 Canberrans here not including any family, kids and friends yet only 5 & 1/2 on this thread including family, kids and friends.

Are the extras your sister and nieces Mark?

Must be the kabana-boys Laurie.

(Mark signs off wondering how Waz knows about Gav's chipalatas)

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