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  1. I’m in France and my mother in law grows massive zucchini here! Thats a size US10 for reference!!
  2. Hey mate, There are some fish I’d like to breed but dont have the room for so PM me and we can chat about it in more depth.
  3. Hi Craig, How many hours a week are you wanting help for? I’m not far from Menai and could help out if its not too massive a job. Cheers, Alan.
  4. Hi folks, Here is a pic of my planted/community tank. The fish I’ve got in there are: Lionhead cichlids, Rainbowfish, Congo Tetras, Angels, Red Top Electric Blue Rams, Peppermint and Common BN, Gold Spot Plecos, One large Featherfin Cat, a few Electric Blue males, Gold sucking cats, One large Glass cat, Two Gourami (Pearl and Blue Spot) and about 100 common BN fry in a saver. I have no problems with aggression or fighting as all the fish just seem to get along really well. This pic is a few months old and after using some LCA all in one fertilisers for a few weeks
  5. Lucky bugger! My guys are on strike it seems! How did you go in the end?
  6. Hi folks, Finally after a few attempts I have managed to keep a few colonies of Shrimp alive and to get them to breed for me! I currently have Glass, Red Cherry and Fire reds all living happily together in a small tank. They are quite cool little creatures and I'm looking at trying a few different species. Is anyone else on here into these little fellas? I'm about to try my hand at some Macro Jardini (Long Arm Shrimp) and would like to know if anyone else here has tried them? Cheers, Alan.
  7. I'm pretty sure Andrew at Labyrinth will ship fish at buyers expense.
  8. What sort of depth are they diving at there?
  9. I've been a prime user for years! It's great to use if you haven't got anywhere to age water but even in my 100l water aging tub I still treat the water with it. And as Alex said it's great to use in emergencies when you have a massive ammonia spike overnight until you can clean the tank!
  10. I absolutely love Green Tree Frogs! On on the Army logistics staging base in Rockhampton there is a massive colony of these guys and it's not uncommon to hear someone scream like a girl in the toilets as they haven't checked under the rim before sitting down and the frogs usually head but the scrotum! It's funny as!!
  11. Nice! I love the rock work in the tank, they look great!
  12. I know for a fact there are some in store at my LFS. Message me and I'll tell you which one it is.
  13. I have a successful Malawi tank and it's got quite a few different fish. Saulosi, Hongii, Acei, Azureas, mirrorball haps, Kribensis, a lion head pair, a massive lonely male peppermint BN and a pair of normal BN which I discovered last night are breeding and have eggs in a cave!! And a single red claw yabby that's happy as larry and grown from about 3cm to just over 12cm! In total there is about 40 fish or so in approximately 4x2x2 tank running a 1200lph canister filter and a small internal filter. Live not had a single death or issue with them and the only thing I
  14. Here is a picture of the babies in their tumbler!
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