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  1. Fish deaths after water changes

    Sorry to hear mate It is not uncommon for the local water board to add chemicals to the water supply if they feel there is a problem or as a routine to avert a possible problem hence that Friday in your area is a problem day Sydney water have done that in the past up here and they don't notify they are doing it the fish will react to this and first signs they are unhappy are flashing were they rub against anything in the tank, they all hang at the water line breathing heavy or just go into spirals you need to invest in a water drum that way you can adjust the water parameters and have it run for a few day with an airstone or pump before you use it so it turns over drum size is up to you and dictated by position usually, close to a power point is good, you will also need a pump and some hose to reach from the drum to the tank and position the drum where you have a stable temp otherwise you may need to add a heater if the weather is cold or just boil the kettle and add to get the temp up make sure the plastic drum has only had something safe to humans in it and has a lid like in the pic    
  2. Gymnogeophagus Balzanii experience?

    thought Pat Williamson would have answered this one but ............... water parameters 6.2 - 7.4 pH and low hardness so long as the water parameters are stable they don't seem to mind where on the scale they are but neutral works well young males usually have blue metallic spangles in the fins and body plus get a blue sheen in the body with yellow in the lower area females stay the same colour as fry yes the bubblehead hump is only on the males and starts to develop when the water warms up = spring at around 10-12cm Gymnogeophagus need a wintering for 3 months down to 15-18 *C and start to pick up once the  temp gets over 20-22*C they don't seem to do well if it goes over 30*C ........... Sorroz keeps his in an unheated tank in the garage females determine the spawn site and then attract the male when ready from 7cm size on they are a delayed mouth brooder with the female picking the fry up when they hatch and brooding them in her mouth for 2-3 weeks they are pin head size eggs and the fry are small when released vinegar eels, micro worms, infusoria and ground up commercial food to start then upgrade to new hatched brine shrimp and commercial food as they get large food size can increase to include live black worms and mozzie wrigglers give them cover as they can be flighty if disturbed I use silk plants, wood and round sponge filters steer away from anything with spike or sharp edges   there are variation in colour of wild fish by locale but the ones we have seem to be this form
  3. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    I feed Dainichi Cichlid Pro now tried New Era but the fish didn't seem to like it
  4. NLS cichlid formula or Thera A

    I used to feed Thera A as it had garlic but the red residue that NLS food leaves behind has made me change  as a food it is very good and the fish grew and coloured well plus found it palatable, just didn't like the residue clean up in the substrate and filters
  5. Help identifying fish

    hard to tell the tail shape but it does appear rounded like the savouyi 
  6. Help identifying fish

    Neolamprologus buescheri Kamakonde
  7. Black calvus

    do you have any pics of the fish? if both the same size unlikely a pair females are usually about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the males high protein food in pellet form, chopped prawn (not green prawns unless you caught them) live or frozen brine shrimp or freshwater shrimp it's the dimension of the tank not the capacity that is important IMO min size I would house a pair of young fish 5-7cm is standard 2ft tank 60lt ? if they are a pair it can be hard to add single fish and the tank would need to be larger female sets the spawn site can be shell , cave, rock crevice, PVC pipe elbows whatever she likes so multiple sites recommended  
  8. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    looks like they have settled in well the L397 will reshape your goldvine centre piece as they get bigger
  9. New pleco

    most likely caused when it thrashed around while being caught
  10. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    what are you going to pack the filter with ? consider running an airstone or small filter  in the tank just to keep the water moving  you could start culturing the tank bacteria as it will colonise the substrate and all other surfaces might help get the filter up quicker  
  11. African Stocking Question

    I don't feel you should be adding more to the tank as the fish will double their size and you will likely need to look at thinning it out what filter are you running and are you planning on running a second filter can you confirm if it's 2' deep or high as usually tanks measure  LxDxH either way it seems a strange size    
  12. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    unit looking very sweet 
  13. Electric eel

    Alex can you confirm the URL I tried a couple of variations and it won't open
  14. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    very nice job    I'm guessing you have some experience working with timber
  15. LONG awaited 6x2x2 geo set up

    I think you might need to invest in a couple of 200 lt drums that laundry with the RO looks like it will tick someone off        next thing she gets out the