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Downsizing - what to keep or not to keep


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I'm in a dilemma of thinking of downsizing mainly due to the time that it takes maintaining the tanks and my lack of motivation.

Currently I have a 4x2x2 which houses a calvus pair, limnochromis auratus (which I'm trying to sell) and 2 female brevis. This runs off two eheim canister filters.

Set up 2 is a 3 tier set up - sump on bottom, 1 tank divided with a pair of julies + fry; cyp malasa; a spare male black occie and 1 BN catfish. The other side has a black occie pair and cyp utinta. The other tank has a colony of e yellows; demasoni; gissel.

Set up 3 is a two tier 2ft x18x18 - bottom tank divided - 1 side grow out fry and the other a BN breeding pair. Top tank peppermint BN (can't get breeding) and 11 neon rainbows.

One 2 ft tank with multies.

One 2ft tank with colony of nigrippines which breed constantly.

A couple of Small fry grow out tanks.

The dilemma is where do I start to downsize. I want to keep the multis and nigrippines.

Is it an option to add the utintas to multi tank?

Probably best to keep the set up 3 to use for fry to grow. Would I bets get rid of the peppermints as not breeding for me?

If I get rid of the big tanks which one goes? Is it best to empty the display tank and also sell the calvus pair? Or do I get rid of the big system with the sump?

As guessed I know I need to do something but unsure where to start. I go round in circles with the whole dilemma.

Any ideas??????????


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We've had this discussion before Shirley!

The other option is if you reduce the amount of stock in each tank and then reduce the frequency of water changes. That may not reduce the number of tanks you have, just the maintenance.

Ultimately, my recommendation is to keep fish you're interested in.


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tricky one,

if you want to sell fry keep the yellows and bristle noses as they always sell

otherwise keep what you love.

i sold all my malawi and victoria breeding colonies and my bristle noses cos i lost interest in them. wish i had kept the yellows now to pay the power bills.

i am currently shutting down the fish room, 13 tanks still running , 18 now empty. and i have a similar dilema what to keep and what to sell.....

i am keeping my multies and paracyps, and adding my cyps in with them......

i doubt this is helping.....its not an easy decision, good luck

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Take everything and through it in the display tank. Shut down the others. If 6 months you will miss it all and want to set up again.


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Hi Shirley

I know how you feel as I have been there a couple of times but I keep coming back

the only thing I can say that is a must .............. keep what you like the best :yes:

load the 4x2x2 up as a Tang display tank and throw in the pair of julies ; cyp malasa or Utinta ; a spare male black occie

use the free tank as a grow out ....... only one Cyp species to a tank but

EY's and Demaisoni are bread and butter species that will fund your costs

the Gissel can stay or go depending on how much you like them

Peppermints are secondary to the tank and there are plenty around if you want to get them again so it comes down to

if you want to keep the Praecox Rainbows

Like Josh says give it 6 months or so after the changes and see how you feel then

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