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S. tinanti spawned


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Finally got the Tinanti I bought from St George to spawn after the females fattened up and

sorted out which male they wanted to bred with

These guys have been in a 2' tank with Peppermints, Neon Blue rams and some Guppies

for about 3 months decor is some timber with Anubia and 3 pieces of white rock no substrate

filter is a sponge and cannister filter spawn site is a turban shell near the filter outlet

removed the Rams and second pair of Tinanti when I noticed the first female in the shell and

skinny but thought the Guppies and Peps will be Ok

Nearly 2 weeks after this I noticed fry in the shell and so the fry care reared it's head as the

further the fry explored the more agro the female got with everything else in the tank

so 3 Guppies down the balance got moved out, but now she has the Peps herded up one end

of the tank and lets them know if they are too close

here are some pics







Now the second pair have spawned but the fry will be removed for harmony in the new tank

for a fish only 7cm long they lay an egg that is approx 3mm check the following pics




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Thanks guys they seem to like the conditions and luckily the second pair

spawned in something I could see into for the egg pics and will try to get

more of the eggs as they develop

Mark no secrets bought a new DSLR Cannon 600D when they were going

cheap, camera and 2 lense kit for $860.00 delivered ...... still learning it

take lots of pics on the largest format so you can crop and resize the good ones

amazing how many large format pics fit on a 32gig card

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Nice, Chris. I was just looking at these last night. Very nice! What's the bluey coloured fish in this photo? Looks like some kind of Apisto. maybe??? Maybe you could smuggle a few down here in your beard (you still got a beard right!)?


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Holly crap Simon your still around :lol5:

no Appisto it's a neon blue ram

how are things in Tas you still got fish ?

no need to sneak them down your import list is wide open

it's just you can do anything with them once you get them

and they breed ;)

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Yep... I drift in and out... still got a few fish.. mosting just display fish now... big polleni, black belts, H. lifalili, my good old krib, and the obligatory convicts. Been playing with breeding Betta too which has been kinda interesting.

I'm currently in discussions with Tim Farrell at fisheries down here to see if we might be able to get the laws 'adjusted' a bit. I don't want to say too much on here because it is an emotive subject and there are a lot of irrational people around which is the cause of half the problems IMO (problem with opinions.... they are like a$$holes... everyone has one!). Suffice to say I'm happy with the way things look. Tim Farrel, Senior Fisheries Officers, is pretty cool and I think a positive relationship can be set up. I actually need to talk to you about something too (associated with this). Is there any chance you could PM me a phone number so we can have a chat? If you have skype we could do that too.

I'll take a photo over the next couple of days of my big polleni boy. He's nasty as all crap and has killed off every female I've put with him and now lives with a black belt cos it won't take his crap.. but he is soooo pretty. Just gotta let the tank clear up after the reno it had today.



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Update from Tinanti World

well I remove the fry from pair #2 on Australia Day and these are now in a tank with Endlers and Cherry shrimp

but ended up having to suspend the pair in nets while they cool off as all they wanted to do was attack all the

other fish in the breeding tank

also while checking the tanks that day pair #3 are at the back of their tank she's in the shell and he is doing

border patrol ............ you guessed it another spawn

so now I keep checking for the eggs to hatch (disappear) the shell will be removed this time while they are wrigglers

pair #1's spawn are now pushing 3cm and growing well

there will be Tinanti in the NSWCS March auction :yes:

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From the dates I have, the spawn was approx 23-12-11 and released from shell 7-1-12

from measureing the spawn I got from the second pair last week the release size would

have been 5mm and they are now around the 26mm size

so in 3 weeks the have gained 21mm and no losses

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OMG Simon n Chris hahahahah

tis like the old days :p

yahoo times bloody hell

Chris great great fish, Tinanti are one of my all time favs, how could you not love their little muppet heads, awesome fish, hows things going mate?

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