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  1. yep will be loads of fun, back sliding door is wide enough, plenty of room through the loungeroom and then a tight swing into the Nook, fingers crossed hahaha we will have a couple of nice holding tanks under the big boy and the sump, cant wait
  2. we wanted to get the 12fter, but just missed and ended up making a template and finding out we will go with a 11x4x2.5ft tank exciting times ahead
  3. Friday is the day they all come to live in their new tank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT-ZmIyduKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdJoT9eTp5Q
  4. Hey mate looking awesome, love the setup
  5. Hey mate its currently housing 3 Rays
  6. Hi mAte, ATI *8 Bulb T5 unit, lights up well tank is coming along a treat
  7. grabbed this tank this morning the fun now begins
  8. Ello guy's and girls Well we went and bought a 6x3x18 got it all plumbed up and running tonight for the 3 rays, and birchirs and another sexy fish , also bought a 4x3x2ft Marine setup, it gets picked up on Saturday
  9. my guys breed like rabbits, i have about 100 bubs sitting in diff sizes currently, we have just moved them to a larger tank with a few more breeders
  10. Just before Xmas, Sarah's pressie was ordered, a nice shiny 5x2x2 centre weir and 4x18x18 sump, she has wanted Discus for ages, just received the Tank and Sump yesterday, Dennison Seeto is the man if you want a nice sexy tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIll do the plumbing today and organise a few things, more to come as we go
  11. Threw the Gopro in with my Peppermint trio lucky enough to capture alittle lovemaking enjoy
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