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solar power


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im considering geting solar panels after the latest electicity bill

2 kw $2000.00 plus $400.00 for meter box or

3kw $4000.00 with no extra for meter box

no more feed in taffif

you just use what you make when the suns out

love to get some imput

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Hey there,

Great choice for the environment if you do go ahead! You may also benefit from avoiding potentially high rate increases set for future power bills.

I had a 1.5kw system installed and it's suppose to generate about 2100Kwh of power.

You need to understand how many kwh's you use per year in order to justify the correct size solar system. To do this you need to look at your bill and compare

the overall generating power of a given solar system vs the kwhs used by your household.

From memory though, to completely cover a bill over $1000 your looking at an 8kw+ solar system if not more - not cheap in the short term and you need to have

the roof space to fit the panels.

In terms of panels monocrystalline is the type to go for over polycrystalline - you can research there.

If your limited to roof space you need to search for high wattage panels so that you can maximise your generating power - this comes at a higher cost though.

In the long term I'd bet that it will pay to have solar vs using energy from the big companies anyway.

Hope that helps abit. There's probably other things I left out though.


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i have a 4KW system and its generating about 25KWH per day this time of year, less in winter

my display 8 foot tank has 2X 300w heaters and a about 100W of pumps, the heaters run 24/7 in winter so 700w/h over 24 hours= 16,800KW= more than an average house..... then there is the fish room.....another 30 tanks but uses only a little more than the 8 foot as in a well insulated shed and runs mainly on air....

i think solar is worth it but you need to do the sums....if you want to save money and the planet then sell the fish and buy some chickens.

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I put a 3.8kw system on 2 years ago and it cost $9k. Because I got the generous FIT's it will pay for itself in under 4 years. Now without these FIT's a system will take 10-12 years to pay for itself, ballpark. If you are doing it for environmental reasons go for it. If you are looking to save money it's a long term payback?

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Yep - my 1.5kw system will pay for itself in a little over 2 years. As with others, it's a special thanks to the 66c rebate/kwh. Given the panels have a life of around 20 years, and taking into account panel degradation every year it has been a good investment for me.

Do the sums, but i think long term you'll come out ahead... maybe not as quickly as those who got in early though.

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I have a 1.5kwh system and the absolute max it generates is around 10kwh a day (those are rare).

Most proper summer days were around 7ish I think (but then again we haven't had much summer) this

doesn't account for winter days which are abit less. Altogether it should produce around 2000+ kwh per year.

I had origin do it back when it cost $2990 + 500 or so for a meter change. The panels were Suntech and monocrystalline.

If I wanted to cover my houses usage plus the fish tanks I would be out of room for all the panels needed :(

Still won't stop me doing it when I raise the money - the panels are becoming slightly more efficient meaning the

power generated for a panel/meter squared is increasing.

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I have just had a 7kw system installed. Lumo are paying me .55c a kw i produce after my daily usage. Average daily usage for my wife & I is 12 to 15 kw a day.

On my good days I produce 40 to 45kw.

Around about 30 on cloudy days. So I am looking forward to our next bill. I should be getting no elec bills & a $800 to $900 credit each QTR.

I sill have to set my spa up & fish Tank. So I expect it to go down.

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we had a 4kw system installed 1 month before last quater bill and it knocked off $200. , every day this week i've been running to the mailbox to check for the new electricty bill... just to see what my new bill will be.... never thought i'd be so excited over a bill lol.

at the moment we are through essential energy , they dont pay for any extra power back into the grid , so i swapped to origin as of next bill , they are paying me .28 c a kw put back into the grid.

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Hey Adam,

Sunny boys are a good inverter. I'm surprised they weren't paying you for power put back on the grid though. Did they just subtract the amount generated from the

amount used? Most of the time it works out that you generate less then what is used but even if you did put back on the grid you should still be entitled to money back.

I'm pretty much on the same deal with origin - wish I went 1 month earlier and got it at 50-60c lol. Oh well it's still greener then nothing.

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Hey Adam how much was the 4KW system installed? And what was your quarter bill before you installed?

And can I get some one to come out and look at what my needs are and get a quote based on recommendations or do I have to work out the maths and hope I did it right?

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