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breeder's market


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what are some of the fish that people are bring to the breeder's market for the august meeting

it will be nice to know so i can get my tanks up and running for that i have 2 new 4fts and need

to be filled with fish lol


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I can sell you a constant breeding colony of 7 sunshine peacocks - 1m and 6f for $80... you don't have to go to auctions, you may not always get the best price. shop around and you can find some good deals, even cheaper than waiting for the first SAT. of the month. I.E. electric yellows go for around $6 a pop at auction but you can choose your own for under $5 any day of the week. but cuckoo cats go for around $25 a pop at auction but $35 every other day of the week. also to mention that at auction you get about half a dozen of fish in each bag of a single breed but any day of the week you can get a mixed bag of what ever is offered, generally most private sellers have a minimum spend of around $20. So if you are looking to start a colony or getting an assortment of fish for display private sellers are your best option. Or if you just want lots of fish that your not sure of sex (sometimes even quality) and you want all your fish to grow up and fight cause you have too many males of the one breed than go to the auction and try your luck. The second down fall of the auction is the fact that it actually starts later than advertised and you're there till midnight to see the last bag. But it's an experience of it's own

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I disagree the auctions are a good way to get fish

And most private buyers are happy to meet you there which is good for fish keepers like me and yanke who have to travel from Newcastle

Also We can meet multiple people in one spot and pick up a few extra bargains in the auction which is always good

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I disagree as well no breeder has the variety of fish that you can get at a cichlid meeting.

Though yanke is not talking about an Auction but the yearly breeders market where breeders put a price on the fish they want to sell not auction.

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I believe the auctions do have the best variety, although at the end of the day its an auction and what pops up and prices is just on the day sometimes you get some bargains on rare fish.

The best thing about the auction is that we can share or knowledge and experiences with othere members in the society which you dont really get to do on a regular basis.



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All things going to plan we should make it to the meeting. I am not planning to take anything but should hopefully have a few tanks setup and ready for new purchases. I am after some spilo's and maybe some Metriaclima pulpican "kingsezi" and\or Ps elongatus "Neon spot".



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fish4fish3 how long has it been since you attended an auction ?

the last half dozen have been finished by 11pm if not earlier

and nobody liked the wholesale dumping that use to happen

except the ones that got cheap fish

I can assure you that everyone involved in running the auctions

don't want to be there any longer than they need to

I agree that a lot of fish can go through at an iflated price but

that's an auction, some people just get caught up in the bidding

war and loose sight of the end price but I have seen rare and

high quality fish sold for a bargain..... it's just the luck of the draw


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I'll be purchasing half a table for selling, prob selling;

Crabro fry at 3cm and at 6-7cm.

Johanni interruptus fry at 3-4cm.

Protomelis Similus fry at 3-4cm

Spare E-Blue males at 9cm+

White top BB zebra adult trios at 7-9cm+

& whatever else i can find.

not looking for anything this time but sure i'll bring some home as usual :lol3::lol3:

Cheers Couchy

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Hey rosco

I can bring some spilos if you want

Too Late sold him some already :)

I am taking electrical dry goods all new, some nets and seachem safe 250g & 1kg,

probably will have some fish to take as well like spilo tanzania, hongi, red zebs, albino peacocks, will see whats left after shop orders filled.

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I recommend pre bagging, i did it from tanks previously and it was a lot of trouble setting up and packing up. Also catching and bagging up while people wait etc. was very annoying. Once selling is open people run from table to table to get what they want. it gets pretty competitive for the buyers :lol3:

Will definitely be selling in bags this time.

Cheers Couchy :thumb

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Thanks for that.

What time does the breeders market start, i have a feeling im working that saturday night but will be there around 9pm, will i still be able to purchase half a table and sell?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys.

Still new to this forum and just discovered the NSWCS. I am interested in becoming a member as well as buying/selling at the breeders market.

I realize to be able to sell (not sure about buy) i need to be a financial member, i searched the NSWCS site and was unable to see if i can become a financial member on the night, and if that allows me to take part in the market.

Is this possible?


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yes you can join on the night but get there early because it's the AGM

and a lot of members renew on the night

the usual start of minutes & reports then, the AGM where any changes to

the rules and regulations get voted on, then the election of the new committee

once this is finalised there will be a short break for supper and setting up the

breeders market which I think would start about 9pm

refer the all states section for August AGM details


Come and support your club and have a say in the election of the 2011-12 committee

11-12 CLUB MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS ARE NOW DUE - Please see our membership officer at this meeting - only financial members will be able to participate in the voting process.

When: 7:30pm Saturday 6th August

Where:Nuwarra Public School, Mckay Ave Moorebank

What’s On: Election of the 11-12 Committee:


Back by popular demand - The Breeders Market

In lieu of the mini auction we are opening the hall to our breeders to bring in what they choose for sale. All buyers will have an opportunity to meet the breeders and buy what they have on offer. You can haggle to your hearts content or get a taste of what they may be breeding and place your orders directly

And all the wonderful, usual stuff:

Lucky Door Prize

Financial members who sign in by 19:00 will receive a Lucky Door Ticket on entry.

Trade Table

Member’s Draw

Table Show

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