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Expiry date for safe and prime


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I am just wondering if there was an expiry date of the prime and safe???

Planning to buy the big one but worried if the product would be expired before I use it or the product is not working after certain time after the botle is opened

Anyone know about this expiry product???


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Thanks for all the info you shared.

I have submitted my queries to seachem support and here is the answer:

On 9 Aug 2010 04:18:00 -0000

xxxxxxxxxx@XXX.com wrote:


> You have been contacted by G with regards

>to Safe and Prime expiry date, their additional message

>is as follows.


> "Hi,


> I am planning to buy Prime and safe and just

>wondering how long this product will be safe to use as

>there is no expiry date in the pack


> Thanks

> xxx"


> You can contact G via email,

>xxxxxxxxx@XXX.com or via phone


Hello G,

Thank you for your questions. There is no shelf

life on either Prime or Safe, therefore, there is no

expiration date on either product. They will be just fine

to use as long as there is product remaining. Let us know

if you have further questions, and have a great week!

Seachem Support 10208




Seachem Laboratories, Inc.

1000 Seachem Drive, Madison, GA 30650

888-SEACHEM Fax 706-343-6070

seachem.com - jurassipet.com - watergardenoasis.com - avipet.com


PS: I have edit my email above to xxxx for my personal use. Believe it or not the above email is genuine.

Thanks and I am gonna get some ordered :thumbup:

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According to this article, PRIME & SAFE converts to Sodium Thiosulphate and also explains that sulphurous smell. 


I've heard similar things but never tested myself even though that would be easy. 

Sodium Thiosulphate can be bought at most swim pool supply /shops including Bunnings.

I bought a 20Kg bag of ST crystal that worked out to be less than $5 per kilogram. One of my tanks is 100,000L which would need 300gm (at 4ppm chlorine/chloramine). 

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I fell deep down into this rabbit hole of saltwater aquarium geeks & water chemistry. 

They seem to show PRIME doesn't remove ammonia in analytical tests and practical tests. 





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