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  1. Black is good as it will bring out the severum colour and the highlight of the severum colour in the tank. What type of severum that you have?
  2. Thanks for sharing the email from NLS Rob.
  3. Hope you can get this person and got the fish back. What a shame
  4. Thank you for the kind words. The WC was imported thru Aquatic Escape
  5. Here is new picture of my waterfriends Cheers
  6. Good on you mate. You have my support
  7. Hi Edwin I got couple 1 mm thera A bucket and have open the 1st bucket and I dont have any issues. Maybe it depend on the batch???
  8. I have been informed only duboisi can be kept in the same tank with other tropheus variant. I have keep yellow in my tropheus tank and have moliro with red empress together too.
  9. Any update mate? Chris, what is a TLC? Cheers
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