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  1. Hi Adam, yes planning a fish room can be exciting but it does help to know what you want. Hit me up if you want some suggestions as I know what aisle size, rack alignment, tank clearances, floor drain placement, electrical circuits, etc works best for me. (repeat - works best for me). However half the fun is working out these details for yourself I suspect. While the drip water change should be kept as simple as possible, incorporating specific options to cater for individual fish keeping requirements is still possible. A single 4 liter per hour drip will displace almost 100 Litres every
  2. I'm in QLD not in Sydney but have been using drip water change for the last 30 years in 3 of my fish rooms (many many tanks, big & small). I've played with several versions and tweaked until I was satisfied but there are variations and you may have different priorities. I use low pressure drip of mains water 24 hours every day through a standard 10 inch cartridge filter 5 micron ceramic then another 10 inch cartridge of carbon to remove chlorine & chloramine. The new incoming water displaces old aquarium water via an overflow drain in sump. * Changing to low pressure allowed
  3. Have you tested incoming water for nitrite?
  4. It depends on how many tanks and how serious you want to get. I find 5L glass tanks are a good size for hatching and first feeds for under 100 eggs. Easy to keep batches separate, light enough to pour fish into next stage tank without nets. For next stage, you can use tall tanks with the water level low to concentrate food, then add more water the fish grow so you get bigger tanks without having to move them. Get nets that span the width of your tank for easier harvesting. Fish don't like getting chased around the tank.
  5. I would not be comparing our electric blue cichlids to the ones found overseas. There was a mixup with ahli and fryeri / jacksoni and the purity of what we have now can't be determined. Still nice looking fish though. http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/cichlid/ElectricBlueHap.php I'm not saying this based on the link above, I have been keeping cichlids since I was a young boy.
  6. Very good news but it's just a temporary stall. The underlying intention is still there and will not go away. It's even acknowledged. Luckily the cat & dog owners have a much bigger voice.
  7. I would never remove air as it's an extremely good backup and easy to visually check it's on. That's just my opinion though. Why don't you add some powerheads to boost the internal circulation. No other canister and extra maintenance required.
  8. It's not just this legislation. It's a combined methodical strategic approach. Hindering importation through cost, additional regulation, higher penalties, increasing noxious lists, discouraging domestic breeders, reducing markets, It is all working too. So enjoy the hobby while you can. Luckily I don't keep any exotic fish, birds or pets (for all those government forum reading lurkers out there ).
  9. Yes this will apply to fish. This is part of a strategic, co-ordinated and long term well funded implementation plan by state and federal governments to reduce the overall population and number of exotic species in Australia. Having unregulated, uncontrolled and unknown (invisible) movement of exotic plants and animals freely accross the states and the country is bio securities worst nightmare. They have learnt the hard way through bitter experience than sudden sweeping legislation does not work but a slow co ordinated multi approach plan will. This does not apply just to fish. Talk to any exo
  10. The high flow sponges are much coarser and don't clog as fast and definitely easier to clean. I prefer those (only) as I have many tanks and fry will eat off anything but the finer sponge is probably best for your situation. They aren't very expensive, I buy XY-380 sponges for $2.85 in 100 lot quantities so you could just get both?
  11. Update. These fish are around 50-60 cm now. I have 12 of them and one seems to be a short body. They are very active, swim at all levels of the tank alone and in schools, it's obvious why people call them irridescent sharks as they have a magical shimmer and cut through the water sleek and gracefully. Currently in a 4m tank but I'm building a bigger one. Hoping to get them to 1.5m sizes eventually.
  12. I use rounded gravel for media. Rounded is easier to stir and pour clean. It might not have the best surface area per volume but it has enough even for highly stocked tanks. Tank substrate also does a lot of the biological filtration so the canister can be primarily mechanical filtration.
  13. fishdance


    My experience with MTS is they close up watertight when water conditions are not favourable, emerging once more when okay. This includes salt, copper, even dehydration (8 years gravel storage). This is my own personal experience, not relaying internet myths. The simplest method I found was to spread the gravel out thinly on tin roof sheets on concrete driveway in the hot hot sun for a few days. This cooks them even though they are sealed shut. If you only have a few buckets you could try an oven. I tried pouring boiled water but that wasn't hot enough. Perhaps if I used a steel 200L drum
  14. The towel doesnt split the tank. It stops them realising how exposed they are. Similar to horse blinkers. They are protecting eggs by eating them. Sounds like this is a display tank. Why do you want them to breed anyway? And if you do want babies, give them a breeding tank or rob eggs and hatch/raise yourself.
  15. Assuming the eggs are fertile, turn tank lights completely off and throw a towel over that half of the tank but let them see out so they know whats approaching. I rack my breeding tanks narrow end out so fish can disappear to back when breeding (security) but display at front for food when not.
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