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Hey guys,

I goit my sump system going today and noticed a few leaks where its siliconed and not plumbing glued. all the tanks are full and dont wanna have to empty them all again. The plumbing does not leak when the submercable pump if off.

Can I simply glue what needs to be glued, or will i poison the fish?


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I'd avoid running water through any of the glued joints until the glue has fully cured. I dont know if this is the correct answer, but it's what i would do because i'm a fairly cautious fellow.

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its all the connections on the return pipe and the outflow pipes aas well as a few other places. It really needs some plumbing glue. I can glue it with no water running but will there be any toxins that will kill the littleuns? All the tanks will be full but no moving water exept for internal filters that i used to cycle the system before graduating onto the sump.

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Hi Mike

You will need to glue the PVC fittings together for a permenant fix.

The internal sections of the fittings and the external section of pipe that goes into the fitting will need to be cleaned with a PVC cleaning fluid (pink in colour), dries immediately. This is to kill the glaze and dirt/skum from the pipe and fittings, during manafacture, and give the glue a clean surface to adhere to.

Then paint onto the internal section of the fittings, and the external section of the pipe (over the pink cleaner) the BLUE coloured PVC glue.

Make sure you push the pipe completely into the fitting, to get maximum strength of the joint.

You have approx 20 seconds before the glued joint is permenant.

You can then run water through this joint straight away, and no, there is no risk to your fish, unless you use copious quantities of glue and cleaner.

I say to use the BLUE glue because this goes off immediately, if you use the GREEN glue, this takes 24 hours to set completely.

Good luck with it.



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