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advice on whether African cichlids need a heater or not in Brisbane

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Hi and welcome @hobodeeks

heaters are thermostatically controlled so lt only closes the circuit when temps are below what it is set at

most Africans rift lake species can handle a temp drop to 18-20 deg C

depends on if you are feeling lucky as to whether to turn the heater off outside spring to autumn


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On 1/29/2024 at 12:32 AM, hobodeeks said:

I'm wondering if no heater is an option. Anyone have experience around the area doing so? If not an option, does anyone have a recommendation on what month approx to put the heater in to save on power.


Are you talking about a tank inside a house or an outdoor pond?

Inside a well-insulated house, I reckon you'd almost get away without a heater year round.  I'm in Canberra, so considerably colder, I turn the heaters off November-ish and leave them off until late March/April depending on the weather.  Yesterday my two tanks were both sitting at 22 degrees.

A few factors to consider would be, size of the tank (large tank = larger thermal mass = less fluctuation), thickness of glass, and house's insulation.

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