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Ace forums active?


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Is this forum still active? Really looking to concentrate all aussie fish keepers on one platform and wondering if this one still gets any use? As far as i know this seems like it used to be the way to connect with rare cichlid keepers.

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Hi guys,

Been doing a bit of catch up and scrolling through some old posts that say a lot of people have gone to Facebook.  I don't have FB but am prepared to join to get back into the hobby.

What are the pages that our old members frequent now, does anyone know?



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Hmm…running out of places to go then! Hopefully they all come back here!

I see the online purchasing has really lifted its game since my time out of the hobby - some good stores out there now with what looks like some really nice fish. Just not used to paying retail prices 🤣

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Don’t go to facebook, the grass is not greener.

Most of the best breeders still check this site fairly regularly. The hobby has lost some greats over the years. But this site is still the best spot (in my opinion).

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