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Breeding Angelfish

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Hi gang

I picked up a couple bags of Angelfish at the last meeting. I've had great success getting 2 pairs to spawn (they are are it once every 10 to 14 days) but I am struggling to get the fry to survive. My survival rate is an abysmal 10%!

I tried letting the parents raise the first spawns unsuccessfully. They both ate them the next day.
Every subsequent spawn I have been hatching them out in Methylene blue successfully, and once free swimming move them out of the bucket.
I tried raising them in a breeder box, a breeder tray, tried in a 2 foot tank only a 1/4 full, etc but haven't been able to get them to survive.
I feed a mix of live baby brine shrimp, microworms and crushed pellet.

I've never had such a poor survival rate before with anything else that I have bred. Any advice appreciated!

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