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NSW Cichlid Society August 2022 Annual General Meeting & MEGA Fish Raffle

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Saturday 6th of August 2022


7.30pm Start
Doors open to members and guests at 6.30pm
Please note there will not be a mini auction.


Nuwarra Public School, Mckay Ave, Moorebank NSW


Financial Members: Free Entry
Non-Members / Guests: $2 per visitor over the age of 18 (non-members)



The club has it's Annual General Meeting in August. The current committee will stand down and nominations are to be made for the new committee! Financial members are able to vote, nominate and be nominated! If you want to get involved and be a part of the NSWCS committee - now is the time.

We are looking for some fresh faces to join the committee for the coming year. If you would like to lend a hand and be a part of the organisation side of things for our meetings, why not join the committee???


Our MEGA Fish Raffle is back again! There will be plenty of bags of fish in this raffle, so come along and try to win your ultimate bag of fish! We will post a list of fish we are expecting to have in the raffle a few days before the meeting on this page of our website and the NSWCS Facebook page so make sure you follow the page. Please note that the list is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

The MEGA Fish Raffle works like a normal raffle - tickets need to be bought. If your number is called, you are able to take one bag of fish of your choice. Each number that gets called = one bag of fish. The number of fish will vary per bag.

Raffle tickets will be available to be purchased on the night!
1 strip of 6 tickets – $5
11 strips of 6 tickets – $50
24 strips of 6 tickets – $100


Please note there will not be a mini auction.


Financial members will be able to collect their first 8 lots for the October Major Auction. You must be present on the night to collect them. See the team at the trade table to collect them.


  • Members Giveaway - Lucky door prize for members only on the night
  • Trade Table - For all of your fish food, bagging, and other needs
  • Supper Table - For your food, snack and drink needs


  • All members that have not recently joined or recently renewed their membership will need to renew their membership at the August AGM to continue to receive club member benefits. 
  • You must be a financial member to be eligible for the members giveaway, to vote in the AGM, to receive the first set of October Major Auction lots, etc.
  • See the membership team on the night at the door to renew or confirm your membership status.

For those members who are financial - ENTRY IS FREE!

Entry: $2 per person above 18 years of age (we may ask for ID)

Saturday 6 August 2022
6.30pm Hall opens to members and guests
7.30pm Meeting starts
Please note there will not be a mini auction.
Nuwarra Public School,
Mckay Avenue, Moorebank NSW 2170

Entry: $2 per non-member over the age of 18.
Financial Members: Free

Find more information on the NSWCS website: https://nswcs.org/

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Hi everyone

Here is the provisional list of fish that will be entered into the raffle. Please note this is subject to change without notice due to any unforeseen circumstances on the night.

Aulonocara baenschi "Benga"
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Eureka Red"
Aulonocara sp. "red rubin" 
Aulonocara stuartgranti "Maulana"
Aulonocara stuartgranti "Usisya"
Champsochromis spilorhynchus
Aulonacara sp. "Llwanda"
Protomelas fenastratus "Taiwan Reef"
Pseudotropheus elonongatus "Chewere"
Cynotilapia zebroides "Cobue"
Pseudotropheus acei "Msuli"
Gephyrochromis lawsi 
Labeotropheus trewavasae "Chilumba Red"
Labidochromis joanjohnsonae 
Otopharynx lithobates "Zimbawe Rock" 
Placidochromis electra "Deep Water"
Placidochromis milomo Super VC10 
Protomelas taeniolatus "Namalenje" (RED EMPRESS)
Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" 
Sciaenochromis fryeri "Maleri Island" 
Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric yellow)
Placidochromis phenochilus "Tanzania"
Cytocara moorii (Blue Dolphin)
Otopharynx  tetrastigma
Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Aulonacara kandiensis
Pseudotropheus acei "Msuli"
Neolamprologus pulcher
Neolamprologus brevis "sun spot"
Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
Lamprologus elongatus
Telmatochromis vittatus
Neolamprologus calliurus "Magara"
Altolamprologus fasciatus
Lamprologus ocellatus "Gold"
Neolamprologus mustax
Neolamprologus splendens "Kiku"
Neolamprologus leleupi
Julidochromis regani "Zambia"
Altolamprologus calvus white
Altolamprologus calvus black
Cyathopharynx furcifer "Resha"
Neolamprologus daffodil
Neolamprologus multifasciatus
Neolamprologus walteri
Astatotilapia aeneocolor
Enterochromis paropius
Haplochromis thereuterion (Black Katana)
Pundamilia nyererei "Python Island"
Nanochromis transvestitus
Amphilosus trimaculatum
Viega hartwegi
Caquetaia spectabilis
Amatitlania sajica
Caquetia umbriferus
Geophagus steindachneri
Hypselecara temporalis (Chocolate Cichlid) F1 RIO UCAYALI PERU
Satanoperca leucosticta
Geophagus sp. "Sveni"
albino bristlenose short fin
bristlenose standard short fin
calico bristlenose short fin
L144 short fin

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