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Mixing Fish


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Hi Folks,

After a bit of advice.

I'm downsizing and as a start was going to use the tank I have currently got rainbows and Peppermint BN in to put both my multis and nigrippines in. I am going to move and sell some of the peps (which won't be a problem). However I'm unsure about the "Neon Rainbows" - I was going to add them into my tang tank which houses a calvus pair, 2 brevis and 4 limnochromis auratus. I have the Rainbows up for sale however I was going to use this method until I sell them.

I know ph will be higher in tang tank - will I be able to put them in there without killing them off?

Also will the nigrippines and multis be okay together in a tank together? Will the multis eat the nigrippines fry? Also as well as having shells in there I also wanted to add a couple of plants and rocks. Unsure if the multis will go alright with the plants?

Thanks in advance

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What size tanks are you using Shirley?

I know someone who has kept boseman rainbows and red rainbows with Altos, Xenos and shellies in 4 ft tanks without a problem.

You might find that the multies pick off a couple of nig fry. But you get that with mixed tanks.

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Thanks Bruce.

I'm using a 2x2x2 for multis and nigs.

I was going to put the rainbows in my 4x2x2 until I get them sold.

Another option I thought of was setting up the multis at work.

So many options and you know me - I can't decide what to do.

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Hey Paul,

I've got my nigs in a standard 2 footer at the moment and they breed constantly.

You reckon the utintas would go better with the multis?

I'm going to PM you about some Cuckoos.


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if u had a bigger tank u can put the nigs,multis and utnintas together

i had multis and nigs and utintas all in a 6ft

but now i have utintas in a 4ft with Altolamprologus sp. "Compressiceps Shell" (Mbita)

and that is working out good and i have the cuckoo cats fry in that tank also


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i agree the 2x2x2 may be a little small for nigs. i am going to stick my nigs in with multies in a standard 5 foot, and yes the multies will pick off nig fry if they get a chance, learned that one the hard way

as for rainbows they should be ok......i think

personally id have a 2x2 shell bed and stick the nigs in with the utintas

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