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Sending Live Fish Interstate


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Hi Guys,

As we all know that some Cichlid Enthusiats are located interstate and if someone from Sydney would like to buy cichlids from them this would involve freighting the fish and vice versa.

Is it possible to get all the required information of how this is done from whoever done it before?

And the result of such process?

I have some intersted buyers and would like to know what is the process?



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This is the best post on the topic.

Hi Rontosa

I beleive the same conditions apply but haven't shipped for a while

need an approved styro box this will have an approval mark on the lid

you will need an inner liner so large garbage bag or similar

you will need an absorbant so layer of newspaper on bottom of box

don't feed the fish for 48 hrs before shipping

double bag with 2 elastic bands per bag

water to 1/3 of bag height

use Prime 1-2 drops depending on bag size

mix half tank water and half pre conditioned fresh water

use oxygen

use some sort of packing if bags are loose in box ie bubblewrap or newspaper

size of bag is determined by size and number of fish

print a label in A4 paper with receivers name and contact details plus your name, contact details and address as sender

and put it in a plastic bag and tape it to the lid

leave the lid unsealed as they will want to inspect the box

take a roll of 2" packing tape and seal the box after they OK it

call the receiver and advise con note number and flight details

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i think that last one should be stickied, or an info thread based on that info. really good instructions

Pinned the thread and will create an Article from the posts.

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