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  1. Thx guys, back in Sydney yeeeehhaaaaa
  2. Gday mates, Just a quick one, I have purchased the following cichlid food recently and I would like some inputs with regards to the ingredients before feeding it to my fish in the pond. Fish in the pond are mainly Malawi Peacocks, Haps and Central Americans. Based on the ingredients attached, would this cause bloat to any of the fish? These are medium sized granules, like the ones found in Hikaris Thank you.
  3. Quick update mates, I have tried maracyn 2 and kanaplex, however I believe they arrived a bit late for the treatment to work, ended up loosing this beautiful fish. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Cool mate, thanks for the advise... I will try it and report back....
  5. Thanks mate, If I go with Metro, how long should I treat for and what would be the recommended dose?
  6. I would love to, however I am currently outside the country 😔
  7. Hi guys, It has been along time since my last post, I am back and unfortunately with a problem that I cannot seem to treat. One of my Eletric blue Ahli display male had a fight with a male Taiwan reef and injured his eye. It has been a week since I have isolated him into a quarantine tank, and been treating him with Epsom salt, sea salt and melafix, with 80% water change every 2 days... however the symptoms seems to worsen rather then get better, as after moving him to the quarantine tank, the eye was not as swollen and it did not have fungus or pus. Could anyone please
  8. Much appreciated guys, This is actually my tank, I have bought the ob peacocks only for display purpose , already aware of them being hybrids...thanks.
  9. Hi guys, It has been a long time since my last post. I managed to setup a tank while overseas and need some help identifying some of malawis I got in my display tank. Photos are attached, tell me what you think. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, I had these since they were around 4cm, and I was wondering if anyone can sex them for me from the pictures posted below. I think I have 1 male and 2 females but I may be wrong, so your help is much appreciated. Male???? Female???? Female?? Kind regards, Aymen
  11. aymenz

    My Tangs

    This album contains pictures of my tanganyikans.
  12. Try what is suggested above, also add a either a DIY or purchase a sponge filter... I had similar issues after some water changes and the sponge filter tend to clear it in a couple of hours. Good luck
  13. water changes will keep your fish healthy as long as you keep an eye on the temp, PH, amonia and nitrate levels... Do the testing before and then run a test after to check and maitain the same levels... I normally do a 35% water change every week. Aymen
  14. the water parameters seem fine, it is big possibility that hr cobalt is the cause of this death , you can try adding some bristlenise catfish as they are pretty tought fellas abd the cobalt will not be able to pick on them. Welcome to the forums anyway. Keep us updared with what is happening.
  15. Likewise, excellent product and very safe for your fish
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