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New 4ft Frontosa and Calvus tank


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Hey guys thought i would post my new tank setup for you all to check out, im only new to this site so this is my first post.

Any comments, questions, advice or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

we all need help somewhere along the line.

So here is the background info on the tank i had it set up as a mixed cichlid tank for the past 3 yrs, not knowing

much about cichlids when i first started it was abit of hit and miss, and oh that looks good might put that in to.

what a mistake! but now over time i have read up alot about cichlids and fish in general so i decided to pull down

that cichlid tank and start from scratch but keeping the same 4ft tank.

so here is the tank specs:

1 ehiem 2217 canister filter ( hopefully buying another in a week or two)

roughly 40kg of texas holy rock

T5 lighting

assorted fake plants

In the tank so far is :

4 frontosa

1 black calvus and 1 white calvus

and 2 common plecos

will be adding more over time

im trying to upload photos but they keep saying there are to big any help on that one guys?

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I hadn't even thought about the calvus cross breeding..that would explain why I have ever only seen white or black calvus in a tank and never together.. And yes I realise the tank is to small but the fish are all quite small only about 3-4cm I will hopefully have a bigger tank in about a year or so

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Hi Benny

welcome to ACE :raisehand:

what is the width of the tank ?

as mention it's the footprint that is important especially in a 4' tank

so 18" (45cm) or 24" ( 60cm) width are the better options if limited in length

also remember that the Frontosa will growth much quicker than the Alto's

and this could become food for thought ... literally

If you want to keep Alto's for display then go for males as they grow larger

and there is no spawning risk

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howdy mate, Fish will be sweet for a while then. I keep both calvus and large breeding frontosa in the same tank, good combo IMO, my two fav species lol, and yeah best to keep calvus species seperated but if these are young fish also you wont have to worry for a while. Know plenty of people breeding frontosa in 4fters too by the way

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Thanks for that info..

I will be separating the calvus I think I have a mate wanting the black one..

Well I don't think I will be breeding any time soon I defiantly don't know enough about breeding only just starting to read up on it now..

I really want to upload pix for you guys but so far havnt been on a computer latly just using my iPhone..

I do have a couple questions though..

1. My frontosa's especially my larger one that iv had for a while is starting to turn a very black colour it has been this way for a month or two now and my newer ones are starting to turn dark to. Why would this be???

2. Also is there any fish that you guys would recommend in putting in the tank? I was thinking a few electric yellows?? What else if any??

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