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Shipping with AAE


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Below is an outline of how to ship fish with AAE

  • need an approved styro box this will have an approval mark on the lid
  • you will need an inner liner so large garbage bag or similar
  • you will need an absorbant so layer of newspaper on bottom of box
  • don't feed the fish for 48 hrs before shipping
  • double bag with 2 elastic bands per bag
  • water to 1/3 of bag height
  • use Prime 1-2 drops depending on bag size
  • mix half tank water and half pre conditioned fresh water
  • use oxygen
  • use some sort of packing if bags are loose in box ie bubblewrap or newspaper
  • size of bag is determined by size and number of fish
  • print a label in A4 paper with receivers name and contact details plus your name, contact details and address as sender
  • and put it in a plastic bag and tape it to the lid
  • leave the lid unsealed as they will want to inspect the box
  • take a roll of 2" packing tape and seal the box after they OK it
  • call the receiver and advise con note number and flight details

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Hey Couchy,

AAE's Terminal is located next to the Qantas one at Corner Shiers Avenue and Fifth Street.

Just called them to check on a flight number to Adelaide as I will be shipping some fish for the 1st time and they informed me that you have to be there 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight...

Hope this helps.


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