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My mozzie culture


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I had an 80L tub going and my young bloke threw anything and everything in there (biscuits, banana, dirt, grass, pencils, stickers and I even found a few of his toys lol) BUT it had the most wrigglers I have ever seen. My fish were loving it up untill I couldn't handle the smelly water outside anymore and flushed the lot...

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It's not the mozzie wrigglers themselves but other things that can be transfered

like Hydra or Fish Lice

Lost my male Neon Blue Ram from this ............ being a planted tank it was too late

before I saw the fish louse attached to him and he never really recovered from

what I think was a secondary bacterial infection from this after dropping the louse off

so you can give then a soak in a saltwater solution before feeding as it won't worry the

wrigglers but should knock over anything else

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