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lake tang display tank - fish compatibility


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hey guys,

Since i am selling all my breeding tanks, i will only have my two tier display setup left. I am thinking to setup the 6ft top tank as a tang display and the 4ft bottom tank as a malawi tank that i will put all the fry from my breeders in.

Now im not 100% sure on compatibility of tangs but this is what im thinking:

- adult colony of 25 F1 duboisi maswa

- 5/6 black calvus

- 2 leleupi

- 8-10 cyprichromis jumbo yellow head

- 10 multies

- 2-4 princess brichardi

They will be in a 6ft x 16"w x 2ft h tank, with coral sand substrate, sandstone rocks and base rock/dead coral decoration. Filtration is 2 aquaone cf1200 packed with marinepure.

How will these fish go together, does anything seem to not match up and cause any issues? How will they be in regards to breeding?



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Id never put Tropheus with other Tangs.Their behaviour and nutritional requirement are too different.

Sand sifters and Cyps go well and Lamps/julies and Cyps go well together.Princess in their various forms can dominate a tank given their prolific nature and the tendency for multiple generations.

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tropheus may pick off the odd fry but i would be surprised if theres enough protein in a multie to cause bloat

i have tropheus in with calvus, leleupi, cylindricus, julies, cyps, paracyps, chalinochromis and a few other random Tangs with no problems, the julies and brichardi breed and the tropheus either ignore the fry or the calvus or tropheus eat them ,

i feed NLS 1mm cichlid, all tangs will thrive on that

look at CThompsons tank as an example of a thriving Tang community tank


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Tropheus are pretty active. However, I have 1m:3f dubs with my fronts and leleupi in a 6x20x20 and its all good.

Tropheus are pretty hectic at feeding time. I'd also be worried about how much food the shellies would get when sharing with tropheus. A small groups of tropheus may work.

I'd be having second thoughts on the brichardi. You'll have thousands in no time. I'd go a single at most unless you really want to breed them.

Generally with tang community tanks I think of who you to be the main feature, and set the tank up around that. In my Xeno tank, I have some gold comps, cyps and signatus. Everyones happy. If you have rock work in the tank you could swap out the Xeno's for some neolamps like leleupi or juli's.


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I have seen Craig's tank and you can get fillets of his lepto's they are monstrous. It is an exceptionally large tank and probably not example to compare against unless it is the same size.

I am with Bruce on this the only real issue that I could see is the trophs would smash all the food before it got to the bottom. The leptos will probably hold there own as they are jumbo' and the calvus will probably eat the shellie and brichardi fry before the trophs do.

The leptos may get stressed and this may cause them to waste but I have kept my yellow heads cyps with juvie fronts.until they could fit into fronnies mouth with no issues in a 6x2x2. Calvus\comps will help with the population control, but in saying that they haven't helped in Craigs tank again because of the tank size I suspect. i would be inclined to remove trophs from the equation probably put some julies in there before brichardi but I am not really a brichardi fan.




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