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My shed project


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This weekend was spent in the shed. A mate helped me put a stud wall in to divide the shed in half. Plans are to clad and insulate the shed, suitable to make it the fish room. With a baby due in late June I'm hoping to turn the study back into a study and move the fish into the shed. Out there I can implement all sorts of time saving schemes that may result in wet floors, not a good idea on floor boards......





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So I have got stuck into the shed again.

The stud wall was secured to the support beam and was solid. Then I sealed up all the spaces with weather-sealing foam.

I ordered 75mm thick polystyrene foam panels with the silver foil insulation pre-glued onto the back. These are being trimmed to fit and glued in place with liquid nails.

I have some progress pictures.

Foam sheets ready to be installed.


The back of the stud wall, foam panels in place.


More photos to follow.

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Looking Good and an interesting approach. I probably would have clad the stud wall with fibre cement and used the foam as insulation as I think it would stain and gradually break apart (unless they are sealed of course). In saying that it pretty expensive, slow and hard yakka. I would perhaps think about doing what noddy has done and perhaps put that silver insulation foil that they line walls with it. Anyway it will be good to see how it pans out.for you.



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I chose this foam as it is designed for construction. Usually it would be rendered or wooden panels glued on the front for looks. Doing it this way avoids cladding. The cost for cheap internal cladding, plus pink batts would probably be slightly higher. The panels are easy to work with, the silver is already on it and there is no cutting fiberglass insulation. It took me and a mate 30 hours of work to line the shed. It is a space 7x2.9 m. The stud wall is 3.3m high and the tin shed wall is 2.7 m high. Think of it as a giant 3 inch thick esky.

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Yesterday I got some paint on the walls. This is not the final colour, it was seconds paint to be used as a first coat. Hope to get the painting done soon.



And this is where I got to tonight. 2nd coat, sealed all gaps. Ready to paint ceiling now.



and the door is fitted too.


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looks good. I have a shed with outer skin and inner timber frame of 4 x 2 hard wood . If those panels are 3 inch thick I could cut them and place them inside the frame and then gyprock over the lot , what do you reckon ?.

Yes you could do that. If you can glue (liquid nails) the foam panels to the timber frame that would be ideal. An air space between the shed wall and foam insulation is highly desireable. Find a local polystyrene company a 2400 x 1200 sheet should be around the $50 mark. A circular saw with 40 teeth cuts the sheets very well. I would probably glue on those 3mm plywood "fake timber" panels rather than gyprock. I don't know about cost, but I reckon it would be easier to do. On the other hand if you need to fix anything to the walls gyprock would be the way to go, unless you could leave some of the frame exposed.

The other thing I though about doing is fixing those threaded steel rods into the stud wall and passing it through the foam to provide anchor points.

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